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These photos look like King Arthur's Lady of the Lake. However, this is actually a recreation of the 'Lady of the Orda Cave', a spirit said to live in the world's longest underwater cave in Siberia - known for its extremely harsh and frigid cold temperatures.

I wanted to preface these photos with three really cool facts. First, these photos were actually taken in the Orda Cave in the Ural Mountain in Russia. Secondly, professional swimmer and model for the shoot, Natalia Avseenko, had to hold her breath for 3 minutes at a time at depths of 17m, or about 56 feet below water! Lastly, temperatures were frigid, at about -23C, that's just under -10F inside the cave.

Anything for art, though, right?

Her flowing clothing and hair are mesmerizing

Victor Lyagushkin
Victor Lyagushkin

This is the world's longest underwater cave. The cave is located beneath Russia's Ural Mountains and according to Daily Mail, "the waters are so clear you can see for 50 yards." Hence, the high quality photograph, which, by the way, was taken by award-winning photographer Victor Lyagushkin.

It was risky, but it produced a stunning image.

Avseenko is a professional swimmer, but this was still perilous

The former champion free diver Natalia Avseenko spent two days in the freezing cold water to recreate this spirit with the help of some other divers. I think it was well worth it!

Victor Lyagushkin
Victor Lyagushkin

A little different than the Lady of the Lake who gave King Arthur Excalibur, but still a similar idea -- and potentially an even crazier photo shoot!


Would you dive into the Orda Cave?

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