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We all know the story of boy meets girl, girl dies from boy saving her, boy meets even hotter new girl....Tale as old as time.

These are my top 2 choices of Hollywood caliber actresses to play the Gorgeous Mary Jane Watson! (obviously there are more but who has the

For me its a toss up between 2 ladies. please remember these are my choices dont put me up on a cross.

#2 Alexandra Daddario

this chick is gorgeous and has lots of roles on her resume. if she looks familiar and u cant place her

Percy Jackson is her geek/nerd following, shes had various roles on tv such as her recent on New Girl

#1 Mary Elizabeth Winstead

WOW!...... just drooled? its ok! so did I!

this sexy beast here is in loads of movies and all of my dreams.

shes been is such films as die hard 4, Scott Pilgrim, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire hunter ....... the list goes on and on. what am I, IMDB look it up

so there you have it my top 2 choices for Mary Jane Watson In OUR Spider-Man movies

Love it or leave it.

please leave comments and share if you like. hell ill even add some of yours if they dont suck.


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