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Yup, you read it right. The Marvel comics universe is going. Remember back in October when we got a bunch of previews? Including the Secret Wars, and "Everything Ends." Well, in Secret Wars, the Ultimate and Mainstream Marvel universes will smash together.

To quote Tom Brevoort:

The eight-issue series Secret Wars will represent the end the Marvel Universe and the Ultimate Universe.
Tom Brevoort
Tom Brevoort

Everything in the Battleworld (where Secret Wars takes place), will help the world move "forward."

And along similar lines, Miles Morales will most likely be killed off, and...

"If we wanted to resurrect Gwen Stacy this would be the place to do it."

So...yay! A New 52 style reboot could really help Marvel, who has had the same storyline since 1961. And maybe people could actually stay dead. But what does this actually entail? Well...

New Origins

I'm guessing the popular origins would stay more or less the same. Peter Parker would still be bit by a spider, just at a different location. Maybe it escaped the Oscorp research lab? Hulk could be interesting, because you can change how he gets the gamma radition in him.

New Storylines

Yes, you have to admit. Marvel's storylines are getting kind of stale. Civil War, Secret Wars, Age of Apocalypse, and many more are being done again this summer. At a certain point, you just think stop. So assuming the first year or so is origins, we could have a bunch of new storylines based off of these new origins.

New Heroes...and Villains

All of our favourite characters were new at one point, so why not make more? Deadpool, a fan favorite, only came in 1991. Sure, that's a long time (24 years. Wow), but that's not the point. In the comics world, it's not that long. Well maybe it is, but whatever.


How do you feel about this?


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