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Barry was finally given the opportunity to confront his mother's killer, but he was not strong or fast enough to take him on. This will motivate Barry to train and raise his speed, and match those of The Reverse-Flash. But that's easier said than done, as one of The Flash's rogues returns with a friend.

Captain Cold and Heatwave.
Captain Cold and Heatwave.

Wentworth Miller returns to The Flash as Captain Cold, reuniting with his Prison Break costar, Dominic Purcell. Purcell, who plays Heatwave, told Entertainment Weekly, "My guy is volatile. He’s a force of nature and he needs to be reined in. Cold has that ability to rein him in.”

The rogues will attempt to steal a multi-million dollar painting, before Cold decides that he wants to take out The Flash. From the previews shown, it appears that they will do anything possible to draw out The Scarlet Speedster, like kidnapping a close friend.

Barry would never run away from anyone who needs him - The Flash will give The Rogues what they want, he will face them. While this confrontation with the show's first villain team-up is worth looking forward to, there are other pressing matters that come to light during the confrontation. Andrew Kreisberg told The Hollywood Reporter, "The Flash does this knockdown, drag out Superman II fight in the streets with the rogues, and everyone sees The Flash."

Iris West blogging about The Flash
Iris West blogging about The Flash

The Flash is no longer a rumor, or an obsession of a blogger - he is real. Kreisberg says, "It's no longer an urban myth. He can't be dismissed. The world starts to change and is starting to have to accept that there are these crazy things out there. That will have repercussions going back into Starling City as the world starts to change."

Public knowledge of The Flash's existence will dramatically change the universe established by Arrow and The Flash. No matter how grounded Arrow attempts to be, there will always be a possibility for a metahuman to visit Starling City, such as Firestorm. With this knowledge, it may lead to major developments within current organizations existing in the Arrowverse. A.R.G.U.S. may actually have to be the Advanced Research Group Uniting Super-Humans, because how else will normal people fight against metahumans? How will the world react to superpowers? How will the world react to hero's?

The Flash returns tonight with all new episodes at 8pm on The CW.


How will The Flash's existence change the world?


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