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Like Winter, [Game of Thrones](movie:817617) is coming. But, also like Winter, it is taking its sweet time... or so it seems. It's just that my Sundays are so much better with a GoT episode to cap off the night, you know?

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It is borderline offensive and irresponsible to not watch Game of Thrones. And if you can't wait for April 12th (Season 5's premiere), you can at least be thankful that HBO is going to air THIS special on February 8th (details below):

It’s a half-hour documentary that covers one day of season 5 production on three different Thrones sets in three different countries – Belfast, Northern Ireland; Dubrovnik, Croatia; Sevilla and Osuna, Spain. The special follow key crew members and promises to highlight “the epic sets, renowned cast and global scale of Thrones, as well as the more intimate and individual challenges of our subjects, giving the audience a new perspective on one of the most elaborate productions in television history.”

It's not MUCH, but it's SOMETHING. I'll definitely be watching as I'm sure it will give that unique perspective on how this cinema-quality show actually gets made.

And who knows, maybe they'll give us some insight... like what they feed these guys on set:

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Will you watch this GoT special?


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