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World War Z, Brad Pitt's Plan B Entertainment movie riddled with development and production woes, shocked everyone by becoming a box office hit and Pitt's highest grossing movie to date at over $502 million. So naturally, Hollywood is keen to pull off a sequel to the (extremely) loose adaptation of Max Brooks' zombie novel.

In an interview with IndieWire, the sequel's currently screenwriter, Steven Knight ([Peaky Blinders](series:1241450), [Locke](movie:858668)), made the following statement:

I thought, 'why not? What fun.' It’s not quite like the other, we're starting with clean slate. When they've signed off we're on.

After reading this I thought, Okay, sure, but just what in the hell do you mean by "clean slate?" The interviewer doesn't ask Knight to clarify so we are somewhat left in the dark with that ambiguous choice of words.

Although I'm sure Paramount Pictures would like to keep Pitt on as the lead and the "clean slate" just means they're starting with a fresh story, it's not certain that this is the case. I'll venture to guess that the "clean slate" means the storyline will be completely unrelated to Pitt's character in the first [World War Z](movie:12855). Maybe then Knight's take on the screenplay can focus on the account of another character from the source material, which would be great considering only the title of Max Brook's novel was used.

Also, when the sequel will take place is still unclear. Whether it's before or after Pitt's character found the masking agent will, of course, be integral to the plot, so I'm interested to see where Knight decides to take the story.

While a lot of things are unclear about [World War Z Sequel](movie:1007519) at the moment, but things are still in the very early stages so it's tough to judge. If everything goes as planned, filming for World War Z 2 could start as early as October and hit theaters in 2016.


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