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What a way to open up 2015! It's been an great week reading all of your articles. For this contest, we've received the largest amount of entries. Each of them solid in their own way. Sadly, we only have three of these awesome shirt packages to giveaway. Please cue the drumroll...*drumroll*

And the winners are:

James Buxton

Check out his awesome article about Lightsabers. If you want to expand your Jedi knowledge, it's a must read.

"An Elegant Weapon" - What You May Not Know About The Lightsaber

Christopher Couch

After all of this casting news, I'm guessing you need to brush up on your Suicide Squad knowledge. I've got the perfect article for you to read, check it out here:

The Suicide Squad: Who Do You NEED to See?

Andrew Habashy

The biggest film of the year is coming in May (biased opinion, I know). If you don't know who Ultron is, you need to: firstly, get outside because you've been living under a rock and secondly, read this article:

Who, What, When, Why: The 5 W's of Ultron

I'll be contacting the winners individually, so be on the lookout for a message ;)

A huge thanks goes out to every individual who participated in the contest. If you didn't win this one, don't worry there are MANY more coming your way. Stay tuned and follow me for more weekly giveaways! Keep up the great writing! You guys keep up going!

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