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I was wondering the other day why we haven't explored such films as Lilo & Stitch or Snow White within the Kingdom Hearts saga. So I started doing some research. I found out that apparently we HAVE gone to Deep Space (Lilo & Stitch) and The Dwarf Woodlands (Snow White)-- both in Birth By Sleep-- along with a few others I was unaware of simply due to the fact that as much as I love me some KH, I am still a broke college student and cannot buy myself a PSP, 3DS, or whatever other handheld gaming systems these spin-offs are being released on (even with how freaking tempting Dream Drop Distance is).

So anyways, here's a list I compiled of the worlds we want to go to in the next adventure, which may or may not be released THIS YEAR.

Note: You can go here for a list of all the worlds included so far in the series. Also, this list will be as un-biased as possible except for one thing... I will not be including any live- action films as I personally felt they haven't meshed as well as the animated worlds. But that's just me. If you feel any differently, feel free to let me know in the comments!


Yes, Grandmother Willow, you can come, too.
Yes, Grandmother Willow, you can come, too.

This is, in my opinion, the most obvious omission so far. According to creators Nomura and Hashimoto, they base their choices of characters and worlds mainly on the gameplay the world will add as well as what the interactions with these characters will reveal about the main character, usually Sora.

Sure, you can argue that maybe this won't have the potential of adding a whole of action and maybe the boss fight isn't totally obvious right now but don't you DARE try and tell me Sora ain't got nothin' to learn from Pocahontas!

I feel like this would be a lot like The Deep Jungle, Tarzan's world from the first Kingdom Hearts, which is personally one of my all-time favorites.


Kida just being a glowing badass, as usual.
Kida just being a glowing badass, as usual.

Atlantis is one of the most underrated and under appreciated animated films of our generation. The animation style is unique and interesting and even cringe-worthy at times (which isn't necessarily a bad thing cuz it's still making us FEEL). The story is great. The characters are excellent.

There is soooo much potential for some great gameplay within this world. Just think of the awesome heartless that could come inspired through the art style!

We've got some great villains to work with here. And I'm hopin' that if they do include Atlantis, maybe they can even get Michael J. Fox in the studio, huh? How cool would that be? To see him return in a (good) sequel? Amiright?

Robin Hood

Cross-dressing and all
Cross-dressing and all

Another Disney film that I feel doesn't get as much credit as it is worth. Animated in the same awesome sketchy style as The Jungle Book and The Sword in the Stone, Robin Hood has always been a favorite in my household.

We all know the story of Robin Hood and I like to think most people here know the Disney version as well. So I don't think much more explaining needs to go here.

Actually, one last thing. Let's revisit that awesome whistling song that'll be stuck in your head after reading this. Also, just found out that it's aptly named... The Whistle Song.

The Black Cauldron

MF Fflewddur Fflam.
MF Fflewddur Fflam.

As much as I loathed this film after it got me to read all of Lloyd Alexander's far superior children's fantasy books, I have come back around and love it again. Sure, it's not the actual story of The Black Cauldron (actually, it's more The Book of Three). But knowing that, before he passed, even while the fans of his series were in outrage over this film, Alexander said he very much enjoyed it-- reminding us that, yes, movies and film are SEPARATE BUT EQUAL and we should stop assuming that every film adaptation will be just as awesome as the book it is "based" off of.

Now that I've ranted a bit, this is a pretty stellar movie, complete with a pretty gnarley villain and one of the craziest death scenes of any family movie, animated or not.

I think it would be sooooo cool to fight the cauldron-born and the Horned King. And to interact with Gurgi?! Hashtag priceless.

The Great Mouse Detective

Such adorable proper little mice!
Such adorable proper little mice!

Now this could go a few different ways. This could be a world like The Pride Lands where Sora and the gang change appearance to fit into the world. That could fun being a rodent...or annoying and disappointing like it was as a lion. I think simply shrinking down to size would work. I mean, most of their world, as seen here, is basically just like our world...only tiny.

A world with a little mystery involved could be really fun. Plus, you'd get to fight a rat! And a bat! And a cat!

The fight in the clock tower was always one of my favorite scenes of any movie as a kid. Even if it's not exactly to scale. I mean, c'mon, that's Big Ben. And their rodents. Yet they appear as big as the numbers in some shots.


Are we getting a sequel? Anyone happen to know?
Are we getting a sequel? Anyone happen to know?

This is the newest film I'm including on this list (hear me out, guys, Frozen would've been way too obvious, we're all thinkin' it, and honestly I don't know how well it'll work. Plus, the creators already said not to expect it but that there IS a chance so we'll see...). This is one of my all-time favorite modern-animation films. Actually I think it's the very top of my list.

We have four pretty awesome worlds to explore (Fix-It-Felix, Hero's Duty, Sugar Rush, and Game Central or whatever it's called) with interesting characters. We don't even need to try and include all the cameos from Sonic and Bowser and the like. Instead, let's get that awesome voice cast back!

And seriously, if you know anything about a sequel, please say something in the comments.

I need a Wreck-It 2 in my life.

Treasure Planet


And of my top 5 favorite animated favorite Disney movie that hasn't been utilized even ONCE yet in the Kingdom Hearts saga.

Star Wars + Robert Louis Stevenson + Joseph Gordon- Levitt + Teleportation + MORPH = Absolute PERFECTION.

Really, all my love of this film aside, I have no clue why they haven't done anything with Treasure Planet yet. I feel like it has everything we need and Jim and Sora are so much alike (adventurous, heroic, young white dudes, parent issues-- CAN WE PLEASE TALK ABOUT WHERE SORA'S PARENTS ARE?! All we get a voice for his mom saying one line at the beginning of KH and now we never get a mention of them ever again). I think it's just so freaking obvious that we need this in Kingdom Hearts III.

And to save you from more ranting, I'll stop there with Treasure Planet.

Honorable Mentions

The places that could maybe work and would be fun!
The places that could maybe work and would be fun!

The Jungle Book
Oliver & Company
James & the Giant Peach
The Emperor's New Groove
Brother Bear
Chicken Little
Meet the Robinsons


Calm down, guys! I have a plan that I think will work better than just putting a few Marvel characters or

Toy Story


The Phantom Menace

into a world ruled by Disney(and Final Fantasy).

The creators have stated that KH3 will be the end of Ansem storyline in Kingdom Hearts. We don't know what that means for Sora or Mickey or anyone else. But that means things will be changing. What if, along with that change, the next big release (Kingdom Hearts 4 or whatever it'll be called) sees Sora (and maybe still Donald, Goofy, and Mickey) interacting with ONLY the worlds of Pixar? And the next game, we play in all Marvel. And then all Star Wars.

Especially with Star Wars and Marvel, I don't think one world will cut it, especially if they want a good story arc within the world with strong characters. How do you do

The Empire Strikes Back

in one world? It doesn't make sense and the tone is just way too different than the Disney films.

Pixar could very well be integrated seamlessly with the Disney worlds so this idea isn't necessary for that company. It could still be cool though.

Just think-- instead of magic, while in KHMarvel, you have "powers." Or in KHStarWars, you have the force! I would personally love it if they did this but I know not everyone will agree. I guess we'll see in maybe a year when the game finally releases.


Disney also owns some rights to Studio Ghibli. I researched it and it's been very complicated so I don't know if we'll ever see

Howl's Moving Castle


Tales From Earthsea

or anything like that included but it would be pretty darn sweet if they could! I mean, they were able to include

Nightmare Before Christmas

multiple times which has similarly complex rights associated with it and Skellington Productions.

Another idea I'd be totally down for would be the inclusion of a film that is not yet released. Maybe not with an entire world but just some characters (summons??) within the KH realm. I'm gunnin' for



Some early concept art for Moana
Some early concept art for Moana

And why have not seen anything from Disney TV series (besides DuckTales). I'd like to see some Phineas & Ferb or The Mighty Ducks or DarkWing Duck or Gargoyles or, OHMIGOD KIM POSSIBLE. Maybe even The Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers if they can get some of the rights back.

Well that's all that I have to say about Kingdom Hearts for tonight! Let me know what you guys think in the comments!


What film would you like to see in Kingdom Hearts III?


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