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The success of [Taken 3](movie:678612) not only pleased Qui-Gon Jinn fans everywhere (probably) but took the media by surprise, with box office predictions for the lone weekend opener falling millions below it's more than $12.5 million takeaway.

Now, the franchise has gone beyond provoking people to inspiring them, with parody trailers hitting YouTube like a storm. One of the most unique (and, however frustrating, very honest) trailers to come out of this is a Super Mario-inspired trailer where, of course, Princess Peach has been taken.

The trailer is awesome, so check it out now:

For anyone thinking that Mario may be a borderline insane over-controlling boyfriend (and out of context, yeah, that's pretty creepy) his overprotection of Peach is fairly justified - the Princess finds herself captured, often to her own annoyance, by Bowser at the start of nearly every game in Mario's franchise. Not unlike Liam Neeson's family in the Taken franchise, classic retro Peach can make it pretty worrisome when she's wandering out with the Koopa King on the loose.

Luckily, the plumber comes prepared. With Daisy and Peach in the clutches of evil, the hero has no choice but to suit up again and free the princesses.

Mario's classic moves come into play during the trailer, taking out Koopa henchmen with his classic high jump... with a crunchy, gruesome 'boing'.

Bowser himself makes an appearance in what looks to be an extremely hot room. I know you're based on a tropical dragon, man, but have you ever heard of air conditioning? I hope he's not keeping the princesses in there.

Though of course, it turns out, they're in another castle. Toad, who two-timed his Princess and traded her in to the insane Koopa King, sits battered before Mario and refuses to give up the location of his beloved.

... Which, of course, doesn't work out well in his favor. Given that Mario's usual job is fixing toilets, I'm pretty sympathetic when it comes to the hero's anger here: all he wanted to do was give his Princess some time off to go visit her hometown, but no, apparently a lady isn't allowed to go visit her folks without Bowser showing up to ruin everything. Can't a plumber and his princess just pop down for a Netflix marathon or visit the folks every once in a while?

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