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So, for my first post, I wanted to address what may become a serious problem for Marvel, shocker, continuity. Movies, ecspecially all inclusive universes like the MCU, will experience continuity issues unparallelled in the comics. Marvel originally did ity right, keeping a single storyline, while DC screwed everything, including our heads, up with their constant reboots and rewrites, including origins and abilities. In the movies however, you will experience some other problems. Namely, aging and contracts.


How will they end old storylines?


Marvel with have some problems with age. They could drag out individual sagas and make actors into MCU lifers. This could end up with guys like RDJ being 70, looking it on-screen, and acting as a mentor to the next generation of MCU heroes, of which there are a bevy and will really never run out because of their ability to reinvent and retweak storylines. This is a viable problem for Marvel because of this, they can't keep every generation of fans constantly interested if as soon as an actor turns 40 or so they are killed off or otherwise lost to the MCU.


Actors, at least as far as my knowledge, do not come cheap. And many will be out of Marvel's price range after they experience anykind of individual fan following or branding with their face. This pretty much eliminates the previously mentioned idea of grooming new heroes in, and then mentoring them.

So..... What now

My solution is more or less a non-solution. Just a warning to Marvel. Be careful. It seems like they can do no wrong, I know, but over there gabillion year plan of superhero movie dominance, they will need to drop some actors, and probably characters. The old guard, the current go-tos of Cap, Iron man, and Thor will be gone soon, like many other phase I characters. How though is extremely relavant. The thought of the young kids popping up in the MCU being future Young Avengers makes me shake my head, my thoughts are

The MCU isn't ready for an offshoot like that just yet. Instead I say that though some of these youngsters are just plot drivers, at least 1 or 2 will become the hero themselves, just a reincarnation. Tony Stark dies. RDJs contract ends. It happens, and though tragic, he should die doing something stupid, maybe even die in Civil War. I wonder who is a kid genius, met Tony Stark, worked with the equipment, and has a ton of Stark industry tech. You know who I mean. Then Thor he would be easy, has to sacrifice himself to finally take Loki in Ragnarok and finish it all off for good. Cap, sacrifice him for the establishment, probably with a guy wrenching scene where he says domethi g about living a long life anyways, and replace him with the Winter Soldier with his head screwed on straight again, before dying shortly after and someone taking up the mantle long term. Keep favorite characters relevant, or kill them off out of neccesity, but be careful Marvel. Killing franchise characters is a slippery slope.


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