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[Gotham](series:1127075) has come back for the second half of the season strong. This episode continues to build from the excitement of the last episode and gives us more. The whole episode will leave you on the edge of your seat, but it also leaves you wanting more.

We start off this episode following a newspaper that is being blown around, when it lands we see the headline of “Arkham inmate duo escapes” right before Jack Gruber walks over it. We see him walking with the other patient Aaron carrying some kind of electrical boxes and a bunch of wires connected to him They walk up to Irwin’s Electronics and electrocute the employee before talking to Irwin about his stuff. We next see Captain Essen talking to all of the officers all the information on Aaron and Jack before she informs them that Commissioner Loeb is on his way. Gordon shows up and everyone is shocked he’s there but Essen and Bullock try to get him out of there before Loeb shows up and are unsuccessful.

Loeb asks Gordon why are you here and he responds asking the same thing. Gordon questions his motive for being there and Loeb tells him to follow him and to bring Bullock. We next see Irwin showing Gruber to his gadgets and Irwin looks scared and says that he doesn’t need to kill him. You can see that Irwin is afraid of him and you end up seeing why he was scared. Loeb is then asking Gordon why he became a cop instead of a district attorney like his father. Jim challenges him to reinstate him so he can go after them and Loeb gives him twenty four hours to do it or both him and Bullock will spend the rest of their careers at Arkham.

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