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So for the past few months I have been sitting and waiting for the next installment of the MCU. As I wait, like most, my mind wonders and sometimes it stumbles onto a topic such as the one I'm about to explore with you all.

In Iron Man 3, there is a fantastic scene of back and forth banter between RDJs Tony Stark & Ty Simpkins' Harley. In the scene we are introduced to Harley, as is Tony Stark, and after a few words Harley is introduced to the Iron Man Mark 42. After the initial shock of seeing one in person so closely, he mentions what he would have done differently, at least he starts to before Tony finishes his sentence. He says he would have added in "Retro-Reflective Panels" for "Stealth Mode." That being what it was, just an idea, was passed on by while watching it the first, oh I don't know 300 times. But on my 301st pass I got to thinking, wait could we see this?

Thats the face i would make.
Thats the face i would make.

Now I'm not here to say that it is going to be in the [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035) but I do have a few points on why we may actually see it sooner than later.

My first point is: why bring it up at all? It didn't add to the movie or the dialogue between Harley and Tony. It could have easily been anything else, like one that can go into deep sea. But the fact it's even brought up makes it kind of a possible easter egg.

My second reason is it was a suit already in the comics.

stealth armor from iron man comics.
stealth armor from iron man comics.

It is a very awesome and useful suit; but, much like a lot of the specialty suits, it has its major flaws, one being power loss after using stealth mode for an extended time.

Third is my favorite point and that is that Retro-Reflective Panels have already been not only mentioned before [Iron Man 3](movie:24391) but have been used in the movies. That's right. I was watching The Avengers with a friend the other day and noticed this.

After Maria Hill tells Nick Fury, "We're At Level Sir" His Response is, "Good Lets Vanish." But that could be a very small patch between two separate points - until you listen closely after Nick Fury says the word "Vanish."

YES! Maria Hill Says, "Engage Retro-Reflection Panel."

This is easy to not hear, as most people watching are just amazed at modern CGI.

So, with it being known that not only is the idea floating around for a stealth suit, its technology already exists in the movies, let's discuss why it could appear in Avengers: Age Of Ultron.

Well, why not? Ultron is going to be the toughest battle for not only Tony Stark but all of the Avengers. Wouldn't it make sense for Tony to try to come up with a new piece of tech to defeat him? That's my speculation.

Whether it's sooner rather than later or not, I believe this suit is coming, and with it a whole lot of awesomeness. Feel free to comment your ideas or theories.

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Will We See Stealth Armor In The MCU


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