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So the show is back with bang. The 10th Episode titled as Revenge of the Rogues was worth watching once again. Revealing another level of Rogues, the episode featured Mick Rory A.K.A. Heat-Wave. The team of Leonard Snart (Captain Cold) and Mick Rory (Heat Wave) plan to steal a multi million dollar painting, but cold has another agenda while in town - to set a trap for the Flash. Snart and Mick kidnap Caitlin and threaten Barry to kill her unless the Flash shows up for a battle of fire and ice. Barry tells Joe he isn't sure he should take on Snart again after the causalities that happened the last time they fought. Somehow, while Cisco and Joe are busy freeing Caitlin, The Flash after a discussion with Dr. Wells, plans of cancelling the Fire and Ice. He is revealed in front of the city and saved by Eddie Thawne during the fight.

'Thank You, Detective' - The Flash
'Thank You, Detective' - The Flash

The Episode also features another super-villian at the end. Meanwhile, Dr. Wells, Caitlin and Cisco help Barry double his training efforts so he's ready for the reverse flash when he returns to Central City. Iris moves in with Eddie and deals with the aftermath of Barry's confession. Cisco makes a powerful shield for CCPD and Eddie hands over the Heat and Freeze Gun to Cisco as they get defeated by The Flash.

Overall, excited to see another Women as a Super-Villian in the next Episode. Well wrote, Writers. :)


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