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So one of the best moments for me in the first [Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens](movie:711158) trailer was seeing the Millennium Falcon in action. Since we didn't get any look at Han Solo, my favorite character, it was the second best thing for me. But there's been a bunch of chatter about Han Solo not being the guy behind the wheel this time around. What is that about?

Beware, for below lurks possible spoilers!

Who Might Be The New Pilot?

We've taken a look at where the original trio are supposed to be found when Star Wars 7 begins. But what about these new characters? The supposed new version of Han for this trilogy is Poe Dameron, the character played by Oscar Isaac. In the film, he plays the leader of the Blue Squadron and ends up stranded on Tatooine with our new Luke, which is John Boyega's Deak.

Poe Dameron's - collect them all!
Poe Dameron's - collect them all!

This is where they meet Kira, Han's daughter and more or less embark on their force-filled adventure. From the leaks, it sounds like Kira calls upon Han for help and he shows up with the Millennium Falcon (and Chewie, with new robot hand) and helps out our new main heroic trio of Deak, Poe and Kira.

So, if the rumors are indeed true, Poe and Kira become love interests (ala Han and Leia from the first trilogy) and something happens... that results in Poe eventually "inheriting" the Millennium Falcon. Being the Blue Squadron leader, Poe has seen his fair share of action and it supposedly something of a hot-shot pilot much in the way Han Solo was. Though Han reportedly refers to him as "Kid" through much of the film. Ha!

Evidence of "escape from Tatooine" in the trailer.
Evidence of "escape from Tatooine" in the trailer.

It could be that as they're making an escape from Imperial bad guys, Poe gets a chance behind the Falcon's wheel and impresses Han with some display of skills? Could be. What we're really hoping is that this "inheritance" isn't some dying wish of Han's in Episode 7.

Don't go, Han!
Don't go, Han!

From the sound of things, it looks like Oscar Isaac's Poe is very much the Han Solo of the new trilogy as he, like Han, is the only one of the new main characters who isn't sensitive to the powers of the force. I think it's a good choice to go this route as having a more down-to-earth character is an important thing that was missing from the prequels.

So while it would appear that Han Solo does indeed retain ownership at the beginning of Star Wars 7, we might be looking at a new pilot in Oscar Isaac's Poe for the next two installments of the trilogy.


How do you feel about the Falcon getting a new pilot?


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