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Vest-wearing extraordinaire, commander of the chrome dome and all-round action star veteran Bruce Willis has stuck his name down for an upcoming thriller that sounds an awful like some of his past few films. Still, if it ain’t broke leave it for a bit and let Bruce shoot at it a few times and slip a one-liner through that well-known smirk of his, something he’ll no doubt be doing after signing up for upcoming thriller Extraction.

The news comes from Variety that Willis has signed up for the project that is set to be directed by Stephen C. Miller and will see Willis as a retired CIA agent who is teaming up with his son in the development of a top-secret weapon. Naturally, daddy dearest slips up on the job getting himself kidnapped and leaving his son to retrieve him.

Working on a script penned by Umair Aleem, Miller’s credits include (yeesh, brace yourselves) Silent Night and Under The Bed, indicating that this will be new territory for a young director whose previous efforts have consisted of scares rather than intense shoot-outs. In retrospect this entire thing stinks of straight-to-DVD but who knows? It might be the A Good Day To Die Hard we should’ve had rather than the mess we got instead. Expect further details on who will be playing that no-good-son of his as it develops.


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