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2015 is shaping up to be a fascinating year for video games. There are so many candidates for what could potentially be the game of the year and the consoles are really going to be fighting one another in terms of the best exclusives. Though I seriously feel that Bloodborne could be a contender for the Game of the Year Award in 2015.

There are going to be a great deal of disappointments along with successes this year, and the first three months already show off this intriguing dichotomy. The Order: 1886 is more than likely going to disappoint a lot of us. While its visuals and linear cinematic storyline seem to be its greatest attributes, the gameplay has been majorly criticised for lacking in any kind of innovation or basic fun. Disappointing, and I really hope it turns out to be wrong.

Bloodborne Boss
Bloodborne Boss

But then we have the games that are actually kind of making me change my mind. I really was not interested in Dying Light, thinking it looked like just another Dead Island with a bit of parkour. But with 4 player co-op, play as a zombie and a story that actually looks decent, I'm becoming more and more willing to give it a shot.

And then we have Bloodborne, set for release exclusively on the PS4 on March 24th. From Software have given me some of the most innovative and exciting gameplay in years. Dark Souls was game changer for me, and I never really saw it coming. I'm not a big fan of replaying games, but this was one that was an extraordinary exception, it demanded a replay from me!

But now with a game that allows us to leap around the screen, use a variety of different weapons and fall from great heights without hurting ourselves (seriously that's so great), I feel that this new formula may surpass the Souls series. I mean the visuals were one of the features of the Souls games that always held them back, but just look at that screenshot above!

It's going to be punishingly difficult, an insane amount of fun to play in co-op and undoubtedly have a world and story that we can really dive into. Even the music is blowing my mind at the moment in this recently uploaded gameplay trailer that you can check out below!

The variations of weapons is extraordinary and how we can actually extend one axe into some kind of lance is so amazing. Am I the only one that gets a kind of Van Helsing vibe from this game? In a good way obviously! But even how the gun can be used to stun our enemies, allowing us to finish them off with a serious blow is just too much to handle. Even towards the end of the trailer, we can see how some enemies will soak our character in blood after they've been dispatched.

All in all the game looks incredible and its new combat variations are sure to bring a welcome change to the Souls formula. I can definitely see this being my favourite title of 2015, even over the likes of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Uncharted 4 and Batman: Arkham Knight. What do you guys think? Are you excited for Bloodborne? Let us know in the comments!


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