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In the '80s, science fiction and horror movies experienced a huge boom. Often with bizarre plots, over-the-top action and grotesque scenes, they were madly popular and super entertaining.

Recently a new movie addition has popped up on the radar, an awesome sci-fi short film made by sci-fi fans FOR sci-fans. And do you know what the best thing about this thriller is? Well, it's that it hilariously pays homage to the horror genre films from the '80s that we all know and love!

Featuring amazing visual effects and tons of spine-chilling moments, Strange Thing is a short movie that all sci-fi and horror fans should check out:

So what's it about?

Over breakfast one day, couple Kris and Jake wake up to find a door has appeared in their living room.

Even though Jake is reluctant, Kris really wants to see what's behind it.

What could be behind the door!? The temptation is just too much!

Jake is sucked into the black abyss that lies in front of him

Naturally, Kris is very distraught... So runs to get a baseball bat (obvious weapon of choice...) and jumps in herself.

She lands in a wooden area and is ambushed by a terrifying sludge monster

All the while, being deafened by weird noises ringing in her ears.

The monster comes towards her...

She screams and whacks it with her trusty baseball bat. (Just as well she brought that along!)

Kris cannot express her relief at finding Jake

Why is he covered in so much mud!?

Together, they make it back to their house and take a shower to wash all that dirt off

I think a few showers would do it...

But something is wrong... and what's that growing out of Jake's hands!?

Creepy! I love how the short movie has such strong elements from the horror film tradition! It's definitely worth a look and a 10 minutes well spent.

And for all you super fans out there, note that the film was inspired by a classic episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Watch the movie for yourself. Which one do you think it was?


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