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Good news, Bat-fans!

Y'know how those recent rumors surrounding the upcoming Suicide Squad suggested that Batman wouldn't be directly appearing in the movie?

Which, of course, were greeted with the necessary howls of disapproval from pretty much every Bat-fan around the world - after all, without the Caped Crusader, even The Joker can only ever be 90% awesome...

It's lucky, then, that - if a recent report from Forbes' Mark Hughes is correct - Batman now looks set to appear in Suicide Squad after all...

As Hughes puts it:

"I’ve heard for weeks that Batman will appear in Suicide Squad, supposedly in an in-story scene, likely at the end of the film and focused on certain circumstances involving the Joker (which I won’t spoil here)"

The big question then, if he's right?

Just How Will Batman Appear in Suicide Squad?

Well, there are a few different possibilities floating around...

(Note, potential SPOILERS below...)

1. He'll Barely Feature

It's entirely possible that the 'in-story scene' Hughes is talking about is, in fact, a very Batman-like blur of darkness, capes and shadows - and that we won't actually see Ben Affleck as the Dark Knight at all.

After all, if - as has been recently suggested - Suicide Squad does indeed end in a jailbreak led by The Joker, it seems entirely plausible that it would be intended to set up a future stand-alone Batman movie. Could we see - as a post-credits sting, perhaps - a shadowy, silhouetted Batman apprehend one of the escaped prisoners?


2. He'll Cameo at the Very End

That, though, assumes that Batman and The Joker haven't already begun their new cinematic entanglements - and that DC and Warner Bros. decide to postpone the two of them sharing a screen until a solo movie.

What, though, if the Joker actually ends up appearing in Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, too? All the rumors so far relating to The Joker's appearance in Suicide Squad have suggested that he'll already be imprisoned - so is it possible that we'll see him be captured by Batman during the course of Batman vs. Superman?

And, if so, there'd be no particular reason not to give Batman an extended cameo in Suicide Squad, which could mean we're set to see a full face-off between Batman and The Joker at that movie's conclusion - possibly even one that The Joker wins, setting up that Batman solo movie...

And behind door number three?

3. He'll Have a Minor - But Crucial - Role

One of the key moments in Frank Miller's legendary Batman tale The Dark Knight Returns - on which Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice is reportedly heavily based - is the scene above, in which The Joker essentially commits suicide in order to frame Batman for his death.

Now, odds are we aren't going to see that happen in Batman vs. Superman (unless Zack Snyder takes it to an even darker place than we'd previously thought), but it's possible that we could see some element of it appear in Suicide Squad.

Perhaps not the actual death scene - but seeing as the return of Batman to the superhero-ing game awakes Joker from a catatonic state in The Dark Knight Returns, could we see a similar plot thread in Suicide Squad?

The big question, though? What do you guys think?


Will we see Batman in Suicide Squad?

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