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Now, when it comes to treating Batman-related over-excitement, there's very little that beats a solid dose of 'actually seeing what Batman is set to look like in an upcoming DC movie.' I mean, that stuffs as good as Tylenol...

Yesterday, we got another chance to see Batman rock his regular suit - and that was awesome and all, but it ultimately wasn't all that different to some of the glimpses we've already had.

Now, though, a piece of promo material has arrived online that might just give us our first proper look at something we've all been waiting a long time for: Batman's armored suit...

The image has been widely circulated on social media, and is reportedly a crew t-shirt for Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice itself - one directly referencing the comic-book mini-series The Dark Knight Returns, on which the movie is reportedly largely based.

And the key reason for excitement there?

Those versions of Batman and Superman are very much not the same ones who appear in the comic-books...

They're similar, yes, but they have a whole lot more in common with the Batman armor we saw a blurry glimpse of a few months back in the leaked Batman vs. Superman teaser...

And the recently teased new Superman suit (and, crucially, Henry Cavill himself)...

Which suggests that - if the image is for real - we just got our first proper, full, sheer-and-unadulterated look at Batman and Superman going at it in the movie.

The only slightly odd thing?

That caption down in the bottom corner...

...which reads "remind them that giants walk the Earth."

Which is actually a direct quote from The Dark Knight Returns. The only problem? Back in the original, the line was slightly - but crucially - different...

...instead reading "we must not remind them that giants walk the Earth."

Could that change actually be indicating that the movie version will be setting up Superman as being more the protagonist than Batman? After all - Batman is very much David fighting Goliath in this particular fight... Could we even see the Caped Crusader ending the movie defeated - perhaps not in battle, but by the idea that 'giants' like Superman and Wonder Woman are here to stay?

Or, alternatively, is it just a neat line to shove onto a t-shirt?

What do you guys think?


Could that altered caption mean Batman will end up buying in to the idea of Superman?



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