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It seems like you guys have a soft spot for Disney's most risqué creation, and it turns out so do cosplayers and body mod enthusiasts the world over!

If for some reason you need reminding about just how sexy Jessica Rabbit is, here is my favorite sultry clip of her singing her hot little heart out to get your juices flowing before I introduce you to the lovely ladies:

So, without further ado, here is my list of the creme of the crop of Jessica Rabbit enthusiasts for you to lap up. Enjoy!

1. Kelly Lee Dekay

Kelly Lee Dekay might not have Jessica Rabbit's sleek auburn hair, but there is no denying that she has the sizzling figure!

This hardcore Jessica Rabbit fanatic has strived to permanently transform her shape to match the cartoon vixen's eyewatering curves, and she certainly caught your attention when I told her story earlier this month.

2. Yaya Han

Cosplay fanatic Yaya Han made quite a splash with her vampish Jessicas Rabbit costume when I featured her in an article last week, and it's easy to see why!

Unbelievably, the images are not photoshopped and Yaya created the extreme silhouette with a custom steel boned corset and plenty of padding.

3. Unknown Cosplayer

Does anyone know who this exceptionally saucy Jessica Rabbit cosplayer is? This lady definitely deserves a credit!

4. Helen Stifler

Has cosplayer Helen Stifler somehow stolen Jessica Rabbit's face, because that's totally what it looks like!

5. Cassandra Cass

San Fransisco based Cassandra Cass pulls off the Jessica Rabbit look with a daring amount of voluptuous va va voom!

6. Diana Tamarova

Russian cosplayer Diana Tamarova looks every inch the cartoonish beauty with her exaggerated makeup and glossy auburn wig.

7. Betsy Bon Bon

Betsy Bon Bon looks good enough to eat in her magnificent Jessica Rabbit cosplay. That hair is seriously on point!

8. SchuSchu

21-year-old German Pro cosplayer SchuSchu shows that you don't need to have terrifying curves to look just like Ms. Rabbit herself.

9. Penny Brown

Penny Brown has gone to extreme lengths to imitate the extreme appearance of her idol, Jessica Rabbit.

The Australian military wife has had her breasts boosted to a staggering O cup (is that even a thing?!) and has shrunk her waist to 23 inches by waist training with a steel boned corset which she wears for 23 hours a day.

10. Dayna Baby Lou

Canadian cosplayer Dayna Baby Lou certainly knows how to simultaneous work the mic and those curves!


Which Jessica Rabbit enthusiast do you think is the best of the best?


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