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At first I wasn't sure what to make of Jared Leto being chosen to portray The Clown Prince Of Crime in the upcoming Suicide Squad film. I mean, he is a very good actor, there's no doubting that, but I guess we were all a bit shellshocked before Heath Ledger absolutely, positively smashed his performance of The Joker.

And I mean REALLY smashed it:

But despite the casting being, relatively, set in stone, it hasn't stopped the internet from cogitating on who they think would be better suited to take the iconic role, and create some great photoshops along the way.

Let us now peruse a list of The Comedians That Could Have Been...

The Joker: What Could Have Been

Willem Dafoe by @jeffstahl_art

Dafoe could have been a great choice! He's not averse to playing crazy and... well, look at the result! Perfect!

Matt Smith by Alan Silva

From Dr. Who to gun toting badass in the upcoming Terminator Genisys, is there anything the talented Brit can't pull off?

Johnny Depp via Moviepilot(!)

Well it's been proved that Depp can play anyone he wants, so why not! It would've been an interesting choice.

Nicholas Cage by atomtastic

The man who would have played Superman for Tim Burton and Kevin Smith in the cancelled Superman Lives, could he have pulled off The Joker?

Tom Hiddleston by xxxbwitch

Imagine! Hiddleston would have been an excellent choice, but his portrayal of Loki is fantastic enough, so we'll move on.

Jon Hamm by Adam Witton

Bit of an outside choice here. Maybe if DC and Warner Bros. wanted to bring a little more seriousness to the role...?

Rowan Atkinson by richardroy

And what list would be complete with out Britain's legendary comic character Mr. Bean. I'd say Bean would be able to annoy Batman into submission.

Some interesting choices here, my favorite being Willem Dafoe. If we're set for seeing an older Batman in Dawn Of Justice, then why not an older Joker in Suicide Squad?

What do you guys think? Who would you have preferred in the purple suit?


Which actor looked better as The Joker?


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