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The Vampire Diaries posters are always rich in symbolism and dramatic imagery, but do they actually tell us what is in store with the season ahead?

Surprisingly, if you really analyse the posters, their layouts and the way the characters are placed in relation to each other really do seem to foreshadow the events of the season to come.

Don't believe me? Let's have a look at the poster for Season 3 onward (the first two posters are too simple to analyze) and see what they told us about the series before it had happened.

Season Three

The imagery of the series three poster foreshadows a lot of what happened in the season if you look closely.

The poster addresses the changing balance of the love triangle by putting Damon in pride of place on Elena's lap while Stefan languishes in the background.

Anyone who has watched series three will know that a big focus of this season was Damon and Elena struggling with the guilt of their growing bond, and this is subtly represented by Damon clutching a dagger in the foreground.

Meanwhile, Klaus and Stefan are grouped together in the background which neatly represents how the younger Salvatore brother is an asset to the Original vampire.

The mere fact that Stefan is sitting, seemingly at peace, with Klaus is a hint that we are about to see a darker side of the normally sensitive vampire. Not to mention Stefan's bloodied hands that hint at the ripper phase he will undergo during the season.

Season Four

The Season 4 posters give away a lot less than some of the other series, but there are still some important clues to be taken from this gorgeous piece of Vampire Diaries art work.

The rushing water that features in the poster references life changing events that have happened, or are yet to come. In Elena's case, the water represents the turbulent changes that she has had to go through to recovered from drowning at the end of Season 3, but it also does some important foreshadowing.

The water and the rocky surroundings all point to the journey to the island to locate Silas' grave and the cure, which is one of the series' most significant storylines.

Bonnies' flimsy ethereal dress could also be interpreted as a hint about her upcoming death and Elena is subtly pointing her leg in the direction of the Salvatore brother she finally chose...

Season Five

The Season 5 poster probably gives away more than most of its counterparts with the positioning of the characters and the imagery used.

If you cast your eye to the back of the poster, you'll notice that both Bonnie and Katherine are lurking there, which is probably not just a coincidence. Bonnie's dramatic pose and the literal veils that are blowing out behind her strongly signal to her new role as an anchor to the Otherside.

Meanwhile, Katherine has been forced into the shadows (totally not her style!) which is a subtle hint about the devious doppelgängers death.

The fact that Stefan's reflection is present on the water is also significant to the things he goes through in Season 5. These two images could represent the two sides of Stefan, the one who has turned off his humanity, and his hazy real self trying to emerge. The water itself could also be a reference to how Stefan was drowned in a safe.

Perhaps the most significant thing of all is the fact that the background of the poster is entirely scorched - this is surely is a sneaky hint at the big Kaboom to come!

Season Six

We have already seen half of Season 6, and it seems like the poster did indeed tell us a lot about what to look out for in the season.

In the foreground of the poster, Bonnie and Damon's pose is clearly meant to depict how close the pair have become and the trust that has grown between them. Instead of having her attention on her lost lover, Elena is being clasped by the hand by Stefan which is a great teaser about how the pair have well and truly repaired their friendship.

The fact that Enzo appears between Stefan and Elena, dividing them in the image, is a teeny weeny little hint about his animosity for the younger Salvatore brother.

Caroline is slumped on the floor which could represent her inability to run with the new situation at Whitmore College like everyone else managed to do, and the devastating blow of the news her mother has cancer.

Perhaps the most shocking thing is how Jeremy, position at the back of the poster near the graveyard, seems to foreshadow his death. Is this really going to be the way he leaves the show?

Some elements of the poster are yet to be explained though, what is the significance of the full moon in the background (especially for Tyler) and could the graves in the background whisper premonitions about mass deaths to come?

Also, that dry grass looks like it would go up like a tinder box, and with the massive amounts of magic that are going to be unleashed soon, I wouldn't be surprised if everything literally went up in flames.


Do you think there is really hidden meaning in the Vampire Diaries posters?


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