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Warning: Possible spoilers for TV show and comic series ahead.

With the second half of Season 5 a little over two and a half weeks away, AMC has kindly released a new trailer for our viewing pleasure.

The 30 second video is absolutely jam packed with small snippets of what the gang will be up to in the back eight episodes, though it doesn't really explain too much of the story, instead opting for a 'distract them with lots of images' approach.

Check out the highlights from the trailer and then watch the whole video below:

It opens with Rick and his new ride

Did they finally stop walking and hitch a ride?

Rick speaks to the group over a fire

Rick asserts himself as leader saying, "we do what we need to do and then we get to live. I know we'll be ok because this is how we survive." However there are a couple of other voice overs in the trailer, including one from Michonne who says, "don't you want one more day with a chance?"

It's going to be very interesting to see the changing roles within the group, especially after Tyreese challenged Rick's approach to the officers at the hospital back in episode 7.

They're still on the highway and walkers are still a threat

We've seen quite a few scenes in the Season 5b trailers with the group walking along the road. Personally, I think it could be a red herring from AMC, because I would seriously hope that at some point they find cars, bikes or motorcycles instead of trekking miles on foot. At any rate, it seems that at some stage in Season 5b (probably early on) they come across a heard of walkers that they need to deal with.

Michonne comes across some very dissected bodies

This definitely doesn't look like the work of walkers, animals or explosions. Someone has really taken some time to hack these guys up. Maybe it could have been the work of a certain red handled machete that we see reappear at the end of the trailer...?

Daryl is still awesome

Some things don't change.

Rick gets back behind the wheel

After Rick showed how great he was at driving last season, it looks like he's sick of legging it and is back in the drivers seat, and he's swerving for no man. In fact it looks a lot like this scene from the comics:

This same car makes a reappearance at the end of the trailer where it's clear that the bumper has collected a few walkers along its journey.

Maggie makes a gruesome discovery

It looks like while the storm is happening outside, Maggie discovers a walker inside. As readers of the comics know, at some point on the road to the Alexandria Safe-Zone (a walled community where it is now largely assumed Season 5 will end), Maggie tries to commit suicide after the death of her family. One Redditor believes this scene could possibly be a twist on her suicide attempt in the comic series, where instead of trying to hang herself, she offers herself to a walker (much like Carol in the comics) but is saved by Glenn.

It will finally rain!

One of the big complaints of The Walking Dead is that it hardly ever rains. The last time we saw the heavens open was when Daryl and Beth climbed into the trunk of a car to stay dry in Season 4, and prior I can't remember it raining aside from the time when Rick and Glenn camouflaged themselves in Season 1. However, it looks like we'll see it pour in Season 5B, and when it happens the gang might be under some stress trying to keep something (someone?) out of what looks to be a barn.

Tyreese tries to stop Noah from entering a house

From this quick shot it looks like Tyreese seems intent on blocking Noah from entering this house, but why? We've long theorized that the gang will head towards Richmond, Virginia in the first few episodes of Season 5b, after Noah revealed that he had come from a walled community based there. Could the gang have reached the walled town, but found it completely over run? This would certainly explain why Tyreese doesn't want Noah to enter the house - if he did, he would probably find his last remaining relatives as walkers. It also appears that this scene in the trailer, matches up with this scene from our first Season 5b trailer:

What is in that house?!

The return of the machete

It's a little hard to see in the screenshot (check the bottom left corner), but it looks like Rick's red handled machete is making a comeback, and as we all know, that puppy means shit is about to go down.

Watch the whole thing here:


Will the second half of Season 5 be better than the first half?

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