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I love a feisty princess as much as the next person and I'm sure you guys will agree that Disney has done a great job with their most recent entries - Elsa, Merida, Tiana and Rapunzel are all kick-ass!

But what's coming up? We already know that Disney is set to introduce Moana to us in 2016 but I'm really curious: Who will be added to the Princess Hall of Fame next and where will this heroine come from!?

I recently stumbled upon the awesome Rejected Princesses again and here are my top picks from the recent additions (the illustrations are amazing!):

1 - Iara - Brazil

There will always only be one mermaid close to my heart and it's pretty obvious who that is. But, let me introduce you guys to Iara, Brazil's Lady of the Lake. She's pretty awesome and you guys will be pleased to know that her story is nothing like the one about our fiery-haired, green-tailed and seashell bra-wearing golden child Ariel.

Iara was the pride and joy of her Amazonian tribe and was one of the most courageous warriors around. She was also super hot and naturally overshadowed her two brothers, who got pretty jealous and came up with the miraculous idea of murdering her (how original...). Unfortunately they clearly didn't plan it so well and ended up being killed by her in defense. Idiots.

Unaware that she was attacked first, Iara's father ordered the rest of the tribe to hunt for her. Eventually they found her and threw her into the river and as she was unable to navigate the treacherous currents, she drowned. Of course you'd think her sad story would end there but you gotta remember this is Iara we're talking about and she's a really strong woman! Underwater, she got on pretty well with her new fish pals, who transformed her into a beautiful mermaid. Legend claims she would sometimes pop up to the surface with her aquatic harem to entice wandering men and lost river-dwellers.

So what do you guys think? We haven't had a real Amazonian princess yet and Iara would make for an awesome finned river goddess.

2 - Sermerssuaq - the Arctic region

So we've had a Snow Queen, but have we had an Inuit princess? Nope. That's why I think Sermerssuaq would be a great addition. In the Arctic she was regarded as one of the strongest women ever - apparently, she could lift kayaks up with only three fingers and could kill a seal just by tapping its head with her fists. Everyone was in awe of her, especially the dudes in her village who she would beat at arm-wrestling every time!

It would be so great if Disney could recreate such a powerful woman and personally I would love to see another movie set in a winter wonderland!

3 - Hester Stanhope - the Middle East

Just look at her strutting her stuff in the desert!
Just look at her strutting her stuff in the desert!

Okay, so I know we already have Jasmine in Aladdin who is sand dunes queen, but this potential princess brings us something completely different. Back in the 18th century, Lady Hester Stanhope was a British aristocrat who decided she'd had enough of all that pompous high society so instead, she set off to explore the Middle East. Climbing mountains of sand, surviving shipwrecks and escaping Bedouin attacks, she was so bad-ass that apparently even the Sultan himself was in awe of her!

Rolling through the Middle East with her posse, the locals thought she was a real-life princess. This was partly because they had never actually seen a European woman before and also because she had to make tiny lies in order to survive. When asked if she was a god, she simply agreed. Fair play - a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do to get herself out of a tricky situation.

Lady Stanhope is rebellious, adventurous and super gutsy so maybe she's our next heroine? I think she would be a great fit.

What do you think of my top three picks?


Who do you think should get the animated princess treatment?


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