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Keith Friend-Equality Bailey

The Otherside of Georgia Productions Inc. may be one of the newest production companies in the Atlanta area, but they certainly haven't wasted time on establishing themselves. The company launched onto the film production scene in Georgia with the first in a trilogy of Zombie films, "Test Group" ( ) that is scheduled to release this fall. Already they are gearing up for the second movie in the trilogy "Omega Protocol", but that isn't all they are doing. Otherside also has a vampire television series in pre-production "Immortalz Atlanta" ( ), a sci-fi web series "Star Crossed", and a paranormal investigation reality series "O.R.B.: the Otherside Research Bureau" ( ).

One major difference between The Otherside of Georgia Productions Inc., and other film production companies, is their method of operation. TOGPI works more like a family than a film company. "We aren't union, so everyone pitches in and does what needs to get done. Actors, crew, we all work together to create a great product and we all have fun doing it." It's a method that seems to be working. With an ever growing fan base in social media, their first offering "Test Group" is sure to pull an audience.

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