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The Last Guardian is a depressing title to think about. It's the game that we thought we were getting way back in 2011, one that would further the legacy of Team Ico and be one of the greatest hits on the PS3. I have not longed to hear about a game's development more than this title. I would honestly see this game's release date announced by Sony over Bethesda talking about Fallout 4. And there's only one reason for that: Shadow of the Colossus.

Shadow of the Colossus is a game that felt like it came into my living room from a different world. I distinctly recall seeing the front cover of the game for the first time. It already showed me something I had never imagined I'd see and to think that I got this game on the PS2 is extraordinary. It feels like a title that belongs in the PS3 era. It was so far ahead of its time and remains, quite possibly, my favourite game to date.

Shadow of the Colossus Fan Art
Shadow of the Colossus Fan Art

The first time that you see one of the Colossi is breathtaking. The game does a remarkable job of making you feel a sense of scale. These things are enormous and landing that final blow into their head was one of the greatest and most satisfying experiences I've had with the art form.

The scene in which we had to ride on the back of Agro through the desert and fight that enormous sand serpent is still probably the greatest scene I've ever played. It was slightly underwhelming however that this wasn't the final boss, because the rest of them failed to live up to these incredible gameplay standards. And yet, I continued to adore every minute.

Agro and Wander
Agro and Wander

Therefore, the idea of receiving another gem from Team Ico and its ingenious director Fumito Ueda, places every other gaming experience below the very concept of The Last Guardian. But it's been so long since we've heard any news of it that I fear that Sony may eventually lead to its cancellation. A lot of people feel like the delay period was to facilitate the game's crossover to the PS4, which seems quite likely.

But at the same time, I fear that the same situation with Cry On may take place. This is a game which was developed by the same people who've worked on the Final Fantasy series. The intriguing and very beautiful title was cancelled back in 2008, maybe due to its similarities with The Last Guardian or possibly due to poor economic conditions. In any case, you've got to see what this game could have been! Can I just say...dat music!

It's a pity that such beautiful games like this disappear before our eyes, especially when they have trailers out and all. But I sincerely hope that The last Guardian will be different. We heard from Ueda around October last year when he spoke with Kotaku. Thankfully, he said that himself and Sony have ironed out their issues and the game may be back on track, most likely for the PS4.

He is also working on some other projects that he should be able to give news about very soon. I'm telling you, if I see The Last Guardian at E3 this year...I will lose my mind. Is anyone else excited for this release and a big fan of Shadow of the Colossus or ico? Let us know gamers!!


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