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Film 116 in the "1001 Films to See Before You Die" challenge is 1963's "Mediterranée". This short French film lasts 42 minutes and is written by Philippe Sollers and directed by Jean-Daniel Pollet & Volker Schlondorff. Long story short, this film made no fucking sense. One minute I'm watching a woman sleeping on a hospital bed with no explanation as to why she's there and the next minute I'm watching matadors stab and kill a bull. This film is nothing but a load of complete random rubbish. I had a look at the "1001 Films" book to see why it made the list and it doesn't make it clear why its on. It just says that Pollet wanted to show shots of the Mediterranean. It didn't look like the Mediterranean. It looked more like a day in Cornwall but with no surfing and random trips to the hospital and a bull fight. In 1964 but published in 1967, French film journal "Cahiers du Cinema" had this to say about the film, "In this banal series of 16mm images over which breathes the ineffable spirit of 70mm, it is up to us to discover the space which only the cinema can transform into lost time... or rather the contray.. [F]or here are smooth, round shots abandoned on the screen like pebbles on the beach." More like shit in a toilet! If you have seen this film then let me know what you thought of it in the comments. Here is what I said while watching 1963's "Mediterranée" before switching it off.

Film - Mediterranée

Year - 1963

Director - Jean-Daniel Pollet & Volker Schlondorff

Written by - Philippe Sollers

IMDb Rating - 6.5/10


Length - 42 min

Genre - Documentary, Short

Barbed wire! Lots of it - Seen that tear peoples flesh to bits in too many wrestling shows

Random shot of a statue begging

Random shot of the pyraminds of Egypt


Random stone stairs

Random wall with a hole in it

More statues

Now the ocean!

It's the maze from The Shining

Random hospital operating bed

Back to the ocean

I'm confused as to what's happening

Are they saying "If you go surfing in Cornwall, you will end up in hospital and then die in a maze"?

Random woman sleeping on the bed

This film makes no sense

Back to the hole in the wall - Where's Dale Winton when you need him

Now we're in a bull fighting ring

It's three matadors vs one bull

Make that four matadors

Also, the bull appears to have a sword stick in its back

I just watched a bull get killed!!!!

Someone shut those bloody crickets up

Sounds like someone shoved a microphone in a beehive

Back to the sleeping woman

Random shot of a stone bench

Let's get a closer look at it

Now I'm in a place where you can go apple picking

This film makes no fucking sense



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