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Eric. Naveen. Phillip. Kristoff. We're all familiar with these names, for these are the names of the Disney Princes that we know and love (and may or may not have crushes on, lets be honest.) Some of our favorite princes, such as Aladdin and Flynn Rider, even have two names.

But then we have the Nameless Princes.

There are three princes in the 'Disney Prince' franchise that do not have official, canon names. Who are these unlucky three? How do we know them? And what do the fans call them? If you seek answers to these questions, settle in and read on for some Disney trivia!

The Prince (Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs)

The Prince
The Prince

Meet The Prince. And yes, that's Disney's official name for him. His hobbies include climbing over castle walls and surprising young maidens, falling in love at first sight (or sound, in his case, for it is Snow's voice that draws him to her location) and kissing dead girls. But did you know that he was meant to do a lot more in the 1937 film?

Originally, the evil Queen Grimhilde (Snow White's stepmother) was to capture The Prince, hoping to gain his affection herself and offering him a marriage proposal. But when he rebuked her, she sent him to her dungeon, torturing him with dancing skeletons and then leaving him for dead. Snow White's animal friends rescued him, of course, but not in time to stop Grimhilde from carrying out her plot against Snow White. And there, the story resumes as we know it, with The Prince kissing Snow and waking her from her endless sleep.

So why did this storyline get cut? Arguably, it would have made for a more interesting movie. Alas, The Prince was Disney's first realistic male character, and animators found that they had a difficult time animating him convincingly. This resulted in cutting down his role in the film to the bare minimum. (Later on, his dungeon visit subplot would be used in Sleeping Beauty with Prince Phillip.)

Had The Prince had a bigger role in the film, we might have actually learned his name. But though it is never mentioned in the film, there are a couple of names that have sprung up over the years for him.

  • Ferdinand -- In 1938, Shirley Temple presented several awards to Walt Disney at the Oscars. While naming off the many characters he had created, Temple mentioned: "Snow White, Ferdinand, the Dwarfs, Mickey..." Many people have since taken this to believe that Shirley was referring to Snow White's prince, as the name was stuck in-between hers and the dwarfs. In actuality, she was speaking of Ferdinand the Bull, from an animated Disney cartoon that also won an award that year. Despite this clarification, Ferdinand is the best known of The Prince's 'names'.
  • Florian -- Disney France and Disney On Ice have both used the name Florian to market the prince on various occasions. I have seen a few Disney couples doll sets with the name on them, but of course I can't find a photo now that I'm looking. Despite the name being on the occasional piece of merchandise, however, Disney denies that this is his name, and it's more likely that the vendor creating the merchandise made the error.
  • Prince Buckethead -- Well, not really. But in a comic released to coincide with the film, The Prince ends up with Snow's chore bucket on his head, and she coins the nickname. (Here's the comic!)

Disney has stated that The Prince is simply that -- The Prince. Fans can call him whatever they want, of course, and more likely than not, you'll hear one of the above mentioned names if you ask your fellow Disney fans. But should you ask Snow herself, whether she's visiting Disney World, Disneyland, or one of the parks across the seas, she will simply tease that "the dwarfs have taken all the names, so he's simply The Prince to me!" And if that's good enough for Snow, it's good enough for me!

Prince Charming (Cinderella)

Prince Charming
Prince Charming

Unlike Snow White's husband, Prince Charming has actually appeared in several films, and is arguably the best known of the bunch. (After all, everyone always wants a Prince Charming, right?) But even despite all of this... we still don't know his name. Is Charming his first name? Is it the last? Is his wife Cinderella Charming now?

Like The Prince, Prince Charming was meant to have a few more scenes in the original film. In one alternate ending, Cinderella was to be brought to the palace after reclaiming her slipper, her status as a maid then being revealed to the royal family. But of course, this did not matter to Prince Charming, for he loved her anyway. And thus, a happy ending. One that should have been in the film, if you ask me. (Luckily, we get more personality out of Prince Charming in the sequels.)

A proper introduction scene between the two would have been great there, too. But as he says in the film... "I don't even know your name, how will I find you?" Well, here are some names that have been tossed around for him.

  • Henry -- Disney France, at it again, claimed this was Prince Charming's name in one of their tv spots for the bluray release of the film. But seeing as how Disney France also claimed a name for The Prince, I'm not sure how much credibility they carry.
  • Ferdinand -- Yes, you read that right. Ferdinand has also been used for Cinderella's prince. In 1971's Disney on Parade (which you can view in it's entirety on YouTube) Prince Charming was introduced at the ball as Prince Alto August Ferdinand. For his sake, I'm assuming that was written for the show itself, as this performance could be likened to Disney On Ice, who stand behind Florian as The Prince's name.
  • Kit -- In the upcoming 2015 Cinderella film, Prince Charming goes by the peasant alias of Kit. However, I do not think this is actually his name, but merely a persona to adapt outside the palace walls.

And to make matters even more complicated? He's never actually called Prince Charming in the movie, either! We simply know it from the original fairytale the story is based off of. And of course, Disney stands behind this name now. So, when its all said and done, just 'Charming' will have to do.

The Beast (Beauty And The Beast)
The Beast
The Beast

Hey look, this one is actually a main character in our story! Even still, despite the fact that he is one of the movie's title characters... we only know him as

The Beast.

The Beast was not always a beast... so surely he had another name. Yet it is never mentioned, in any of the films or spin-off merchandise. Not even the broadway show, which explores the story in far greater detail. So this human turned beast turned human again is simply known by... The Beast? Even after the curse is broken? That's what Disney says, but the fans have other ideas.

  • Adam -- The most popular name for The Beast. This name ended up appearing on some merchandise in the 90s, including a Disney trivia video game. Even today, it occasionally appears on some toys. (Here's a Little People figure package! And a doll set as well.) Disney claims it is not official, just like all the other names in this article, but it is still widely accepted by fans.
  • Vincent -- This one was tossed about mainly because of the 1897 tv series with the same name as the film. However, it was not in any way associated with Disney (or the animated film, which wasn't even out yet!) and so really should not be in the running for Disney canon.

Disney legend Glen Keane, who was the Beast's supervising animator, along with the directors on the Bluray commentary, claim that The Beast never had any other name. That was what they called him during production; that, or.... wait for it... The Prince. (Sensing a theme here?) If you ask Belle herself while visiting the parks, she will let you know that, "as a lesson to remind himself of who he was, and what he became, he continues to call himself Beast even to this day, so that he always remembers to show kindness." As for Beast himself? Well. He's always too embarrassed about it to say anything at all.

So there you have it!

As Disney fans, we tend to want all the information. We like knowing, we like discussing and analyzing and coming up with crazy theories. But the truth of the matter is... when these three princes were created, the Disney company had no idea what they had on their hands. Especially in the case of Snow White, which everyone had expected to flop. Never did they imagine the staying power of these films, or the devotion (and curiosity!) of their fans, so they never even thought to give the characters any other names but The Prince, Prince Charming, and The Beast. But in the long run, it hasn't mattered: if you say any of those names, your first thought is going to be of those respective Disney characters.

Disney is always learning and evolving, and I don't think we'll ever see another 'nameless' prince again. These three will end up forever unique in that aspect. But for those of you who have to have names for them, at least you now have some options. And for those of you who are content with their Disney-given titles? Well, hopefully you learned something new just the same. :)

What do YOU call these three? Comment below!


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