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Now before Star Wars fans start rioting the streets calling for my blood, just take a minute to re-read the title of the article, you will notice it has a question mark.

So hear me out, I've done some extensive research and I have left no stone unturned on this subject.

Now, we have heard that Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens will see the deaths of the Rebel Alliance, If you hadn't, well you have now. But that's not why we are here are we, Let's look at the reason why I believe this could be, and remember I said 'could be' the Iconic Hans Solo's last appearance.

First off as much as a great actor Harrison Ford is, the award winning Hollywood star is getting on, they guy is in his 70's and has already had some rough times on the set having been injured and rushed to hospital. this could be a factor in it all, but mostly likely not.

However, if Han Solo truly has a colossal part in "[Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens](movie:711158)" its likely in light of the fact that he's going to go out with a bang!. And it is a well know fact that Ford has been begging for the death of Solo since the 80's, as it goes Harrison wanted Lucas to throw a curve ball at the fans in Return of the Jedi.

Ford wanted Hans Solo to be the one steering the Millennium Falcon toward the end but instead the ship wouldn't have gotten away from the impact of the blasting Death Star. killing him on board.

But would have that over shadowed the massive 'No. I am your father' shock of the series?.

What makes me think Hans solo's departure from the Star Wars franchise could be nearing? Well, Sometimes it's not what people say, It's what they don't say.

Lucas has stated clearly that the new upcoming movie is a launching pad for the "younger millennial" not the old ones and he has said it is time for the franchise to move on to the next generation. But that is still no reason for me to think this could be the end, Well it's only a small piece of the puzzle really.

What got me thinking about this was the fact that sources from the set have said that there has been some very discreet meetings between Harrison Ford and George Lucas regarding his role in the mega billion epic movie series.

Could Ford be getting what he wants finally? If so shouldn't the veteran actor's character go out like the suave tough cowboy we all know him for?

I for one think that if Hans Solo is to die it should be in the biggest epic way possible and I'm sure Lucas being the creative genius he is, will be able to make it so.

But which would be better? Hans Solo's epic death or have him reduced to a minor role to later make cameo appearances?.

What do you think?


Should Hans Solo die in Star Wars: Episode VII?


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