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Nicholas Staniforth

If there’s one union just as good as Ethan Hawke and Richard Linklater, it’s Ethan Hawke and Andrew Niccol. Having already put their heads together with the likes of Lord of War and the favoured sci-fi film Gattaca, they’re back together again for the drone-orientated drama Good Kill, which has just released a brand new UK trailer.

Hawke plays a USAF pilot who has been forced to change with the times as a drone operator. Now he embarks on missions overseas all from the safety of a joystick in the U.S., distancing himself from the horrors of the battlefield and seeing it all from a computer screen instead.

Naturally, our hardened hero questions the war he’s fighting, on whether the safety and the conditions of how he’s involved are commendable and how it will effect his family in the process. Considering the massive success the likes of American Sniper has had, Good Kill could possibly ride on its wave tackling a similar subject matter of the casualties and questions of war. It also boasts talents of January Jones, Zoe Kravitz and Bruce Greenwood. At the moment there’s no confirmed release date for the U.S. but U.K. audiences will get a chance to see how they all do when the film arrives April 10.


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