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1) Terminator learning

I want to see Arnold learn right from wrong in this new movie like in T2. In the trailer they show Arnold carrying a young Sarah Connor away from a wreckage, probably after her parents were killed. I would love to see a young Sarah trying to teach Arnold how to act like a human just like young John did in T2. I feel that it would build a kind of relationship between the two characters, especially since she supposedly calls him Paps in the movie.

2) Epic future battles

In the first film Kyle talks about the great battles he fought in the war. I want to see those battles. I love Terminator Salvation more than a lot of people would admit but I do have to agree when people say that their wasn't really any battles between the humans and the machines in the movie, except for the movies climax. Even in the TV show, which I love also, we didn't get to see any full on battles between the humans and the machines.

3) More John Connor

In the trailer it looks like John might be only at the beginning of the movie when he sends Kyle back to 1984. Well if theirs anything else that bothered me about Terminator Salvation its that their wasn't enough John Connor in it. It doesn't matter if its a young John from the past or if the older John jumps back in time to be with Kyle and Sarah, I don't care, I just want him in it more. Also I want to see John Conner fighting in a war, and I want the movie to show why people respect him and trust him.

4) More Arnold

I know that theirs a lot of people saying that they would like less Arnold in the movie. In my opinion, those are just dumb people. Sorry not sorry, but if your going to put Arnold in a Terminator film, you better use him as much as you can, not have him cameo like McG did in Terminator Salvation. Gosh I guess I don't like Terminator Salvation as much as I thought I did. Oh well. Moving on.

5) Linda Hamilton

Yes, I know Emilia Clarke is playing Sarah Connor. But in the movie they are jumping to different time periods, so I think that they should pull a J.J. Abrams and get her in their! In T5 I think it would make my life if young Sarah Connor was to come face to face with a more grown and knowledgeable Sarah Connor. If your asking what would be the purpose of her being in the movie. Well, I think older Sarah could give younger Sarah advice and guidance. I think it would blow fans minds to see Linda Hamilton have a surprise cameo in the film. I would cry of joy if this happened, so if it isn't in the movie already....Sir Allen Taylor you have five months to complete these reshoots!

Terminator Genisys will arrive in theaters on July 1, 2015, But until then here is my Terminator Genisys trailer!....

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So would you like to see Linda Hamilton in T5?


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