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The Fine Brothers’ REACT channel is at it again. Scaring the pants off gamers worldwide. This week we have an epic video of gamers playing the horror game experience Affected on Oculus Rift. The gamers reactions are just brilliant.

These gamers are playing through a game specifically designed for Oculus Rift. In Affected players journey through three chilling environments: The Manor, The Asylum and the The Carnival. All hold their own dark secrets and their own unique scares.

Either play each chapter individually or attempt to complete the whole journey if you’re feeling brave enough. By utilising the Oculus Rift and Unity 3D, Affected launches player into their own worst nightmares. Cutting edge 3D graphics and dynamic sounds also work together to create an unparalleled immersive world like no other.

Affected offers a new level of immersion for gamers, heightened feelings of tension and more importantly, unprecedented levels of fear. The Oculus Rift has ushered in a new paradigm in gaming and as a result, a new paradigm in which to experience the ultimate in scare factors.

There are no puzzles to solve, no coins to collect, just three nightmares for you to stumble through…but can you make it to the end in one piece!

Want to see more gamers being scared out of their minds playing horror games on Oculus Rift? Head over here now!


Will you be brave enough to experience a horror game on Oculus Rift?


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