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Most of the concept art that we've seen for [Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens](movie:711158) so far have been the products of unauthorized leaks. This left many of us feeling pangs of guilt as we obsessively poured over the gorgeous landscapes and designs, looking for plot hints in every brush stroke. Today, though, official concept artist Robert Bailey took to Facebook to share some official pieces that he created for The Force Awakens. Nobody's getting fired over these! Check them out below:

The sketches show off an unforgettable moment from the teaser trailer, where a fleet of x-wings sail over the water; our first look at the slight modifications made to the models over the years.

We're also given two different perspectives of the fleet that fans weren't previously shown in the trailer: the ships seem to course between two mountains and down a wide river, which makes me wonder if their destination is a concealed rebel base (as many have guessed at).

Green and blue stripes now adorn the x-wings, though most fans are already accustomed to the new colors thanks to some sniped shots from the set.

It's pretty awesome that we finally have official art to obsess over - between this, the four Star Wars comics coming out this season, and [Star Wars Rebels](series:965946), let's hope we're able to hang on as a fandom until December.


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