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With the upcoming release of Kingsman: The Secret Service in the United States, the action spy movie will be ready for release in the United Kingdom next week. To promote the movie, British movie theater chain Vue Cinemas put together a very special "free Kingsman upgrade" for patrons who want to get more bang for their buck (er, Quid?) to fully experience the new film. While it seems like the upgrade is merely an escort from a member of the Kingsman spy agency to your theater and seats, it's really an action-packed thrill ride through the movie theater complex before you watch the action-packed thrill ride itself. Watch the video below (via First Showing):

Being escorted to your seats this way is a good way to remember your movie-going experience while promoting a new movie. Hell, the video above did go viral among other movie websites and you can see why, it's a lot fun. Imagine if more movie studios and movie theaters chains took cues from this viral marketing campaign to promote their new movies. It would be a fun and cheap way to promote a new movie, while bringing attention to your movie theater.

Imagine this bit of marketing for The Avengers: Age of Ultron. Go to your local theater and ask for an "Age of Ultron upgrade" and have Captain America or Thor escort you to your theater and seats, only to have many Ultrons try to attack you along the way. Imagine this again for Fifty Shades of Grey. Go to a theater and ask for the "special Christian Grey upgrade" and have a very handsome businessman escort you to your seats through a wonderland of S&M delight. Now these videos would surely go viral and you'll have even longer lines to watch new movies at your movie theater.

The fact of the matter is, movie marketing can and should go further than merely releasing teaser trailers and teasers to the teaser trailer and clips. It could be fun and exciting like the "free Kingsman upgrade" at Vue Cinemas in the United Kingdom.

Kingsman: The Secret Service will hit theaters everywhere in the United States on February 13.


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