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"Fear doesn't need conquering, fear shows you where the edge is." - James Gordon

I just recently started watching Gotham after much hype from my fellow crazies and I must say, I have been missing out! Everything is how I've always imagined how Gotham would be if it was a real city. Now, just in case you have no idea as to what the series is about, let me clue you guys in.

The show centers around Detective James Gordon of the GCPD. He just started in Gotham City Police Department and he quickly realized that almost all the cops are as corrupt as the big bosses that run the city scared. No one was standing up against the crime bosses as Batman has yet to be Batman. Of course Gotham wouldn't be the same without Bruce Wayne or the Dark Knight so you do get to see him. The young Bruce Wayne who just recently lost his parents and is now the center of James Gordon's investigation. I shouldn't really say anymore since I want this article to be Spoiler Free!

But just to get you excited, you will get to see young heroes and villains alike. So far, there's Catwoman, Penguin, Riddler, Poison Ivy, Two Face and of course, Batman himself. There is even a tease that the Joker will soon get an appearance! Now that would be just way too cool!! It's like an Origin story of multiple characters all set in one place. That is Gotham.

I am not really an expert of the DC universe so I would not be the best person to ask or give comments about accuracy in terms of their origins. But as a viewer, I am a huge fan of the Series! I believe the producers did an excellent job in making the show happen. Hats off as well to Benjamin McKenzie's performance as James Gordon. I think he is the next best thing to Gary Oldman who for me is still the best James Gordon out there. Not to mention Jada Pinkett Smith who plays Fish Mooney (non comic character) and Donal Logue who plays Jim's partner, Harvey Bullock. But the show stealer is non other than Robin Lord Taylor who seems to have been born to play the Penguin. I could not imagine anyone else playing the part better than him.

Overall, I am excited how the show is progressing and I can't wait to see more Easter eggs and other comic book characters make their appearances. The Arrow and the Flash series are actually set on the present so I wouldn't know how they could make a crossover connection with Gotham, but wouldn't it be exciting if they did??


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