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Valentine's day is coming soon and it will be here before you know it! And that's right guys, you have to give up your manhood for one night to sit down and watch one hell of a cheesy movie that your girlfriend picked out. It's probably the worst part of the day when it's finally late at night and you and your girlfriend are sitting on the couch with a bowl of popcorn, throwing in the billionth film written by Nicholas Sparks. She cries, you yawn and it's almost like Sparks is sitting on the other side of the screen laughing at your face while he bathes in cash. Fear not though, for I know a list of romantic films that I am sure you and your significant other can actually enjoy and not cringe through.

500 days of Summer- Honestly I didn't know how unpopular this film was until I was talking with some friends and they have never heard of it. I almost gasped when this happened as this is one of my favorite romantic comedies. If you are like my friends and have never heard of this film then you are in for a treat. The film centers around a man who has just ended his relationship with someone who he thought was "The girl". Seriously I am not spoiling anything, they really do break up in the beginning. Anyways the film then goes though to tell you their story in a weird fashion of storytelling. It jumps through time as it shows you the highlights, ups and downs of their relationship and you see exactly where it goes down. But don't worry guys this isn't some gushy mushy romantic film because this is actually really funny. I'm not even kidding, there are many scenes where I actually laughed out loud. But not only that, I think it will really relate to the male audience as most likely they have gone through some type of situation this character has gone through. This is definitely a worthy film to pick up if you see it so I suggest it!

About Time- Honestly this is a film that I did not want to see at all from the looks of the trailer. It looked so cliche and run down with this guy who is trying to get a girl using time travel. The trailer hit all those cheesy lines and music and so when my sister rented it from redbox I groaned. However I was rightfully wrong about all of that because this is one of my favorite romantic films of all time! This film goes beyond that idea that I saw in the trailer and really talks about living life and how we should enjoy each moment whether it's good or bad. And I'm not gonna lie the father son relationship made me tear up pretty badly and I'm not even a guy that cries. This is a worthy watch though if you feel down in the dumps or just need something to watch with your girlfriend. It has a great soundtrack and very likable characters with excellent chemistry. So please pick this film up, I'm sure you will not regret it.

What if- The most recent of the bunch,"What if" stars Daniel Radcliff" in this romantic comedy about a guy getting friend zoned by a girl. Now I'm not gonna lie, you might watch this trailer or even start the movie and you will say "Oh I know where this is going"...and you are right. Yes this movie is cliche and travels in some familiar territory but I really liked this film. I loved the relationship between the two leads and just some of the conversations they had. It felt real, natural, and very funny. And even when it does get cliche I will say that the writing and directing does it in some way where they go around that cliche. Like there is a time where you know this is the part where they make out and they get really close but then they just drive around it (if that makes sense). For that I say it's a worthy watch just for the two leads.

Now thats all I have for now and I hope this helps the many men out there who are dreading this day. I do know that I probably missed quite a few great ones and if so please let me know your favorites or just suggestions! Always up for a great movie even if it's a Romantic film. Because hey... guys are allowed to feel too. So anyways let me know what you think and comment below, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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