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Ok First off...who hasn't seen friends? And who didn't want it to end? And who would love to see it come back? Now since we know the movie is not going to happen anytime in the near future.

I was thinking of a Spin Off Series - "Still Friends"
And it starts with Emma, Ben, Erica and Jack in the coffee shop "Central Perk"(They don't know each other). They are all on their smart phone devices and tablets in their early twenties...In walk a surfer dude and a hippie chick with guitars in their hands looking around the coffee shop clueless.

So the surfer dude walks up to the friends and asks...

Surfer Dude: Do any of you know a good song we could play, it's like our first day here at Central Perk.

Emma & Ben, Erica & Jack: Yeah, umm we know this song, our aunt used to play to us when we were kids. It goes like Smelly Cat...Smelly Cat...What are they feeding you...Smelly Cat..Smelly's not your fault.

A stranger walks up to them and says..

Stranger: Hey, I know that song, my dad knew a lady who sang that song...Yeah she had a weird name...Phobia...Phorie something.

Emma & Ben, Erica & Jack(Together):
Wait, do you mean Phoebe?

Stranger: Yeah, right that was her name, Phoebe.

Surfer Dude & Hippie Chick:
You know our mother's song?

Emma, Ben, Erica, Jack and Stranger together:
Yes, our parents used to sing it to us.

Ben: Hey Jack how weird is it that these guys know Aunt Phoebe.

Jack: Well they used to live together in an apartment with mom and dad and Aunt Phoebe, Rachel and Uncle Joey, they are bound to know the same woman.

Emma and Erica looking at each other in excitement(Together):
Oh my god!!

and they run and hug the dude and the hippie chick.

Ben & Jack(Together):
What? What?

Emma and Erica: Don't you see, their mother is Aunt Phoebe.

Ben & Jack(Together):
Oh my god!!

and they go and hug the dude and the chick too

Surfer Dude & Hippie Chick:

Wait...that means you know our mother and..and you know our mother.

Ben: Well Duh...

Surfer Dude & Hippie Chick:
Oh man how cool is this!!! Our parents were best friends

They all hug again..

Stranger at the coffee counter:
Wait, then how do I know your mother? and also I heard you guys talking about some guy named Joey..

Ben: Yeah, he was a cool uncle, our parents just lost contact with him because his acting career kept him very busy.
We are his friends' kids Ben and Emma Gellar and Erica and Jack Bing.

Stranger at the coffee counter:
Wait..are you talking about Joey Tribbiani?

Ben, Emma, Erica and Jack:
Yes!! How do you know him.

Yeah, he is retired, I am his son Drake Tribbiani.

Ben, Emma, Erica and Jack, Hippie chick and surfer dude(Together) :
Oh my god!!
They charge into Drake, causing him to fall with everyone on top of him hugging him.

Drake(Still on the floor): that means...You are Uncle Chandler's and Aunt Monica's kids and you are Uncle Ross and Aunt Rachel's kids...Bing, Geller, Tribbiani and Hannigan...

Ross and Rachel Gellar
Monica and Chandler Bing
Surfer Dude and Hippie Chick Hannigan

Surfer Dude and Hippie Chick(Together):

Well actually those aren't are real names..

Surfer Dude: I am Phoebo Hannigan

Hippie Chick: And I am Phoebe Hannigan the second.

They all hug again...

Because F.R.I.E.N.D.S Hugs are always awesome..
Because F.R.I.E.N.D.S Hugs are always awesome..

***The Beginning***

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