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In a recent interview with Spanish News & Media Site Los Andes Diario, stunt/fight coordinator Guillermo Grispo, the man who co-choreographed the fight sequences in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, had briefly touched on the showdown between The Dark Knight and The Man of Steel that audiences will be seeing in the upcoming film. Here's what he had to say:

There’s a thought that Batman has no chance, that the Superman will squash him like a bug. But when you see the movie, and how it all comes out, there’s a very intelligent explanation as to why they would have a firsthand confrontation, though it seems to be totally to Batman’s disadvantage.
Will we see a ferocious fighting style from Affleck's Batman?
Will we see a ferocious fighting style from Affleck's Batman?

"Seems to be to Batman’s disadvantage." That's Bruce using misdirection to throw off Clark, right? Yeah, that's totally what Grispo meant by that. From the information we have regarding Zack Snyder taking inspiration from Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns, we know that Batman will be fully armored up when facing off against the Last Son of Krypton in Dawn of Justice. Which makes sense for obvious reasons.

We also know from Man of Steel that Clark isn't much of a fighter. Sure he's got the strength and speed, but he's a bar-room brawler type at best, with no form or art to his fighting; he's the guy who throws haymakers hoping to land a hit. Batman on the other hand? He's always one step ahead and has the tactical advantage, able to deliver critical strikes with absolute efficiency. When you put Batman in an armored suit that potentially nullifies Clark's strength and speed? Yeah, the playing field is leveled and The Man of Steel definitely has to be worried about getting his ass handed to him by a mere mortal. Grispo continued with the following:

Now Batman is going to fight the way I’ve always dreamed seeing him fight. He’s a character so prepared in martial arts that you can do a lot of things with him, but filmmakers usually don’t go all the way with it. Even in the last Nolan movies the action scenes aren’t very good from a technical, martial arts point of view to things like choreography, filming, bad camera movements…
In retrospect, were the Nolanverse Batman fights really any good?
In retrospect, were the Nolanverse Batman fights really any good?

Despite the Nolan Batman films being highly regarded and well revered by the comic book community at large, I have to agree with Grispo here; the true potential of Batman putting on a masterclass of ass-kicking in the form of hyper-stylized martial artistry has never really been explored on film. That said, Grispo wasn't entirely dissing Nolan:

Don’t get me wrong, Nolan is great, my hats off to him… but I think that he did not pay too much attention to the fights. Those are the kind of details that Zack, being so physical himself, loves preparing. I think there’s going to be a big difference when you see these Batman fights in comparison to the previous ones.

Looking back at Snyder's portfolio of films, you have to be excited about what he's got in store for the The Dark Knight's martial arts abilities. I'm imagining something akin to the ferocious action in the Arkham series of video games, and if there's one man who can showcase that particular style through amazing choreography and visuals, it's Zack Snyder. I need footage of Batman fighting now though. For real, where's that teaser trailer?

Source: via Los Andes Diario


Do you think Nolan's Batman films showed just how great of a martial artist Bruce Wayne was?


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