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Hello everyone, I'm a new creator and this is my first post. In here I will gonna kind of creating a "new" story in which the Marvel Universe meets the DC Universe. I'm gonna be honest. I'm not a vivid comic book reader, in fact I only remember reading some comic books when I was a little child and they were not even mine. I love the movies (both Marvel and DC) so I decided to make this story. The characters will not be exactly like they are in any of the existing Universes cause this will be kinda like a new Universe created by me. But if you end up liking this first chapter I would love to hear your opinions and don't hate if some stuff isn't totally according to the comics.

So this story will be happening in 2015, our current year. I haven't choose a type of text so it will be a merge of narrative and lots of dialogue (So structurally may be, i don't know, a little unorthodox, but give it a shot). So yeah a little heads up. I know some characters are already dead or have moved different paths but in this they will be all coexisting for now and they will have a new "future". Don't worry I will not be changing their backgrounds' just changing some things that I hope you like. So let's stop talking and start the text. This will only be chapter 1 so the rest I will be posting later cause it's not even on the paper yet.
PS: It will be a long post! Just hope that you like :)

This story takes begin in Titan
This story takes begin in Titan


Location: Titan

Away from Earth, in Titan, a moon from Saturn, Thanos calls his subjects Ronan The Accuser and Nebula.
"Have you confirmed my suspicions?" - Thanos
"Yes, Master." - Ronan and Nebula
"Great, now bring me the prisoner." - Thanos
Ronan calls some Kree guardians that bring the Silver Surfer in some kind of cosmic chain maybe powered by some of the Infinity Stones in the possess of Thanos. The Mad Titan rises from his chair and uses his telekinesis to move the surfer all around the place and asks him:
"Wheres the spot? Wheres the exact place? Tell me or you will gonna know if I got the power to destroy your precious Earth and make slaves all it's inhabitants till the rest of their worthless lives." - Thanos
The Silver Surfer can feel that the the spot that Thanos wants it's right over there since he can feel great energy emerging from there and breaks down to his threats.
"It's over there." - Silver Surfer
"Then open the portal." - Thanos
"Why do you want me to open that portal over there? It's releasing crazy amounts of energy. I don't know if I have the power to do that." - Silver Surfer
The Silver Surfer reunites his strength, gets his chains cut off and when he tries to run away from there get's caught again by the same chains.
"You can never get free of them. They only disappear but I can put them on again whenever I want so don't try that again and OPEN THE DAMN PORTAL!" - Thanos
So in a lightning speed he surfs down to the exact spot and then an explosion happens. The portal gets created. Thanos looks right into the center of the portal and sees an Earth. But it was a different Earth in another Universe and Thanos knew that.
"Perfect! Looks like The Collector really do have good sources. Let's see if he is right about the rest. Nebula prepare to travel to that Earth and follow the plan. Remember the coordinates The Collector gave you. Your ship is programmed to land near by those coordinates." - Thanos
"You don't have much time before the portal closes." - Silver Surfer (weak)
"Ronan, send this prisoner to a prison in your planet. We don't need him, for now." - Thanos
"Yes, Master." - Ronan
"Nebula do not fail this mission. You know the Collector would come in person to kill you if you compromised the plan." - Thanos
"Don't worry I'm already here ahah. I see that you got quite esteem for my person, Master Thanos. Lady, according to my sources in this other Universe there's a team really similar to the Avengers and if they ally to our cause they could heavily contribute for the increase of my collection of... Heroes ahahahah." - The Collector
"I knew you wouldn't miss this moment for nothing, Collector." - Thanos
"Times ticking, I must go." - Nebula
"Good luck lady, good luck!" - The Collector

Justice League base
Justice League base

Subchapter 1.1

Location: Justice League base, alternate Universe

"Today it appears to be a calm day!" - Superman
"Looks like where not in Gotham, Clark" - Batman
Martian Manhunter comes in the operations room and moves right away to the inter communicator.
"Diana, Barry, Arthur, Hal and Victor move right away to the operations room. Right away." - Martian Manhunter
The members called by the Martian Manhunter enter the operations room and join Batman and Superman who were already there.
"So..." - Green Lantern
"Today will be receiving guests. Oliver Queen and Dinah Lance will be coming here today. We have a new mission and we need them." - Martian Manhunter
"Oh the hoody again. That guy is weird." - Batman
"Stop criticizing him, Bruce. We all know you can be considered weird too." Superman
"Oh gosh, stop you two! Weirder than both of you is impossible!" - Wonder Woman
The back door opens and the Green Arrow arrives accompanied by The Black Canary, Arsenal and Nightwing.
"I heard Bruce was already talking bad about me again eheh." - Green Arrow
"Hum... I see you haven't come alone... like usual..." - Martian Manhunter
"Dick, oh I didn't know you were coming. Come here, kid!" - Batman
"Roy call me to join them." (Nightwing)
"Well seems like everyone's here. J'onn tell us the mission, please." - Superman
"Right, the mission. Well, there have been rumors of..." - Martian Manhunter
Violent explosion came right from the outside of the base.
They run all to the outside of the base. They finds lots of smoke there and Deathstroke and Bane taking hostages while Joker is taking shots into the air like crazy. Lex Luthor and Harvey Dent approach our heroes.
"So what plan was that that you were talking about? It really seems interesting and from reasonable sources ahah. Don't you agree Harvey?" - Lex Luthor
"Couldn't agree more!" - Two Face
"I'm gonna rip you apart Lex!" - Superman
Lex shows a little piece of Kryptonite.
"I wouldn't get to close if I were you, Clark." - Lex Luthor
"You're all crazy like that mad man over there." - Batman
"Well what will happen is the following..." - Lex Luthor
Another explosion occurs a few steps from there.
"What the hell now? Joker what have you done? What have I told you?" - Lex Luthor
"I haven't done nothing! And who are you to talk to me like that? The plan isn't just yours." - Joker
"Slade! Bane! Go see what's happened over there!" - Lex Luthor
"Good work keeping your people together ahah." - Green Lantern
Deathstroke and Bane go to the plane where the second explosion occurred. Suddenly when they turn around they only see a flash. Bam! Nebula shows up and with a little device absorbs them into a little box made of cosmic matter presented by The Collector.
"Damn! These two weren't part of the plan." - Nebula
The team of superheroes hear a noise.
"Help! Help! These two men are trying to hurt me!" - Nebula
"Quick! we need to help her!" - The Flash
Barry runs at the speed of light and when he crashes into Nebula gets absorbed into the same box that absorbed Deathstroke and Bane.
"Yes! This one seems like part of the plan! Let's see how many more of them are. HELP! HELP! Save me!" - Nebula
"Weird, maybe Barry didn't find her." - Aquaman
"Yeah, it's really weird." - Superman
"Your friend shouldn't have done that! Joker go get the detonator. And you don't try another joke like that." - Lex Luthor
"Stop that Luthor!" - Batman
"But where is the Flash?" - Superman
"HELPPPPP!" - Nebula
"What the hell? Who are those people with them? I can't waste more time, I will just absorb them all." - Nebula
"Here's the detonator Luthor. Hummmm ahahaha it's a pleasure to see you all again my friends ahahah." - Joker
"Bite me, clown!" - Batman
"Let me put an arrow through his chest!" - Green Arrow
"Go ahead champion ahah." - Joker
And while saying this words, Nebula absorbs them all to her little box.
"Time to go back home." - Nebula
Nebula returns to her ship and goes back to Titan right before the portal closes.

The Collector
The Collector

Subchapter 1.2

Location: Titan

"I've arrived according to the plan but there were some setbacks." - Nebula
"What setbacks? What setbacks?" - The Collector
"I guess I brought more than the plan required." - Nebula
"Well... Better more than less don't you think? Let me see that." - The Collector
The Collector frees them from the box and the prisoners are trapped by the cosmic chains right away.
"Perfect! Even more than I was expecting. One, two, three,... seventeen members of a so called The Justice League. I've heard wonders about you." - The Collector
"Not everyone of us belongs to the Justice League!" - Superman
Superman points to Lex Luthor & Co.
"Those five are the worst kind there are!" - Superman
"That's what I've feared." - Nebula
"Don't worry lady, you did well bringing me more. Thanos, can you please put those five gentleman in a cell of which they can't escape?" - The Collector
"What? Wait! We can negotiate, we're the good guys were, hey wait, take off your hands from me!" - Lex Luthor
The Kree guards take on the five villains to throw them into a cell.
"What do you want from us? Where are we? Who are you?" - Batman
"Please, be calm. Our universe is in danger because of a gang of marginals who call themselves The Avengers and are planning to destroy everything that crosses their way. I heard of you through my sources and we get a way to open a portal to your universe so we could bring you to ours and help us fight the Avengers." - The Collector
"And it was needed all this theater? Couldn't you just ask us politely?" - Batman
"Yes, but we were, pardon me, we are desperate and we couldn't take the chance of our trip to your Universe be a failure." - The Collector
"And what about these chains men?" - Batman
"I didn't know if you were good or bad... I didn't want to get more rivals." - The Collector
"So if we help you, you can figure a way to take us back to our Universe?" - Superman
"Of course we do." - The Collector
"Okay then. We will help you. Can you free us?" - Superman
"Guards! Release them!" - Thanos
"And give them more oxygen, some of them seem to be almost fading out." - The Collector
"Thanks man!" - Green Arrow
"I will give you this ship so you can go to our Earth. Attention! This Earth is different from the one you know. The ship has the coordinates from where you need to go. Ronan and Nebula will join you to give you instructions. Hope everything ends well my friends." - The Collector
"We'll do our best!" - Superman
And so the members of the Justice League along with Ronan and Nebula enter the ship and begin their trip to the Earth.
"Marvelous portrayal, Collector. Our plan to destroy the Avengers is working pretty good." - Thanos
"Yes it is. Yes... it... is..." - The Collector
Meanwhile, in a corner of that place we find Loki hidden behind a boulder listening to everything The Collector and Thanos were saying. Loki goes to the dungeons of Titan and with is tricks of misconception persuades the guards and make contact with the prisoners.
"Pssst! Hey you! I heard you people were the worst there is!" - Loki
"Who? Us? No! That's just fake rumors of those marginals. They're the worst! Not us." - Lex Luthor
"Cut the bullshit! You can't trick me! I will open my game. I'm evil! You're evil! And those gentleman who sent you to prison are even more evil. They just send the good guys fight the good guys of our Universe in order to destroy them both or just to expand The Collector's collection. It seems like the perfect plan, shame it wasn't made by me." - Loki
"What you're saying is true?" - Two Face
"Of course it is. I'm not a liar ahah. But I got a plan too. But I need your help and as it seems you need my help too to get out of here." - Loki
"Hum I'm feeling good things may came out of this partnership." - Loki
"Oh so do I." - Loki

So this is the end of Chapter 1. Maybe it's kind of lame, maybe it isn't. The point is I was bored and decided to make this thing. So I'm gonna end this post with a pole just to know what you guys think. Hope you liked it :)

Chapter 2 it's not written yet but I'm planning of introducing The Avengers in this new chapter!

A little Disclaimer advice: I do not own any of the characters present on this story. They belong to Marvel, DC Comics and their respective owners. I only made this for entertaining purposes.


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