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While there are the few things about the infamous Star Wars prequel trilogy that I'd call a fond memory, one of the few big ones was the endless galaxy that surrounded our poorly-written heroes. Most fans of sci-fi adore it for the escape, and the Star Wars saga has always managed to pull us into a fantastic, action-packed version of outer space. Now, we have an even better look at the concept art that made the movie such a visual spectacle, courtesy of imgur.

The gallery provided closer looks at characters that you may not remember, including Bail Organa's entourage (his assistant, to his left, actually ended up wearing a gorgeous white outfit suited more for Padme) and a display of Alderaanian fashion, serving as a lasting reminder that we'll probably never see all of the cool things Alderaan had to offer.

A Jedi Starfighter blasts clear over a falling Imperial ship in this colorful piece, showing off the destruction during the tail end of the Clone Wars.

The epic battle between Anakin Skywalker and his master, Obi-Wan Kenobi, was a flurry of fire and rage- here, we have a still look at the battle, which takes place as everything crumbles around the former friends.

There's also a closer look at Anakin Skywalker's full costume, showing off a tunic that reminds me a lot of Luke's in Return of the Jedi, paired with a paneled vest that seems to reflect his impending turn to the dark side, and Darth Vader's future armored costume.

Yoda escaped Kashyyk in the end, but this scene depicts the jungle planet under attack - the tree-based colonies of the Wookies burn in the background as Yoda stands under a spotlight, seemingly trapped by the Imperials.

Obi-Wan's warning to his fellow Jedi is shadowed by the impending doom coming down upon Kashyyk. This is the beginning of the end for the Jedi Order.

The various planets and atmospheres on the prequel trilogy were a serious part of what kept me watching: I love seeing completely new worlds that I never could have imagined otherwise, and if you're into that, the prequel trilogy was like a space vacation (save for the part with all the death and destruction)

Heading out of the atmosphere and under the hull of an Imperial Star Destroyer, we're given concepts of not one, but two deadly space stations, incomplete as a new group of renegades gears up to steal the blueprints and keep the galaxy from spiraling into further chaos...


Did you enjoy the art of the prequels?


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