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I have to say, that after the success of Maleficent (and how much I loved it), I look forward to other live action remakes from Disney. The ones I look forward to the most would be those three on top: Brave, Frozen and The Little Mermaid. With the first two being newer Disney princess movies it might take a longer before we hear about any projects in the works. We have all heard the rumors of a live action version of The Little Mermaid with Emma Watson to play Ariel and I'm beyond excited.

With The Little Mermaid being one of Disney's biggest successes and Emma Watson being one of today's most talented young actresses I'm sure it would be a hit if they ever decide to make it. The actress is also being asked to do a live action version of beauty and the beast by two big time movie studios: Warner bros and Walt Disney. I'm sure she would be good in either version but I've seen enough beauty and the beast remakes. Non of which live up to or surpass the original animated version. She has stated that while she hasn't been approached to play Ariel, if the script is good then she would be up for it.

Source: Variety.

Now I am not sure who I would pick as the leading ladies for Brave and Frozen but I'm sure in a year or two we will be seeing the "Perfect cast" rumors all over the internet (if you havent already).

For brave I would need the archery scenes and an actress who either has or can do an authentic Scottish accent. Merida's archery skills are rivaled only by Katniss Everdeen so they absolutely have to good.

Merida, confidence with the bow. Source:
Merida, confidence with the bow. Source:

I would want an actress who would train hard just so she could exude this confidence... Maybe I'm setting my standards too high.

Then we have our favorite Ice Queen Elsa and her sister Anna.

I believe Emma Stone could easily play Ana. She is cute, quirky and talented, however I have no idea if she can sing ands there lies the problem with that. Maybe they will cut out the songs again or lip sync.

Anna finds Elsa.
Anna finds Elsa.

Finally we have Elsa. That role is going to be hard to cast. I have a feeling it will be one of those roles that you just can't help but disappoint a few people. As long as there is a resemblance both physically and mentally and of course she can sing then I will be fine. She had better do 'let it go' justice.

Elsa let's it go.
Elsa let's it go.


Which animated movie would you like to see made in to a live action film?

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