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In a bit of news that we could file under the "we could have guessed that" section. It was recently revealed that Ben Affleck's Batman is set to possibly make a cameo appearance in the upcoming movie, Suicide Squad. It was rumored that the Dark Knight would simply be heavily referenced and only seen on surveillance footage in the movie, from previous insider reports. Industry heavyweight Mark Hughes at Forbes recently added to the previous story by revealing that Affleck may actually step onto the Suicide Squad film set. Here is part of what he had to say.

"I’ve heard for weeks that Batman will appear in Suicide Squad, supposedly in an in-story scene, likely at the end of the film and focused on certain circumstances involving the Joker"

This should come as no surprise to fans of the comics or the recent Batman: Assault on Arkham movie featuring the Suicide Squad. Batman is often used as a shadowy figure haunting the members of Squad, without being seen much. In addition, he is the most popular character in the DC pantheon and is the most popular individual cinematic hero this side of Iron Man.

According to Forbes, Ellen Yindel will be the acting commissioner of Gotham City. (POSSIBLE SPOILERS) We reported a few weeks ago that Commissioner Jim Gordon would not be appearing in the new DC movies. The word is that he would have died earlier, but the details of exactly how are unknown and probably aren't even scripted yet. Yindel appeared in The Dark Knight Returns as the successor to the deceased Gordon and she is not an ally of the Bat. If true, having a Commissioner that is constantly interfering with Batman's missions, should add an extra layer of complexity to the action.

It's also explained that the scene with Batman and the Joker will be setting up the next solo adventure. Reports are that the The Dark Knight Returns will be a heavy inspiration for the conflict between the Joker and Batman in the next film. (It is also an inspiration for [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870) as well.) In the story, the Joker escapes from prison and Batman goes on a relentless chase to catch his old adversary, which ultimately leads to the death of the Joker. Warner Bros has announced that they have plans for more Batman solo adventures, however they haven't given a firm release date or any specific information. Surely fans have their fingers crossed for Affleck to get behind the camera as well for the film. If that is too ambitious, it would be monumental if Affleck could reunite with his [Gone Girl](movie:833123) director David Fincher. Fincher also directed Jared Leto, the new Joker, in Panic Room. It just makes too much sense. Somebody get on the phone and make that happen...

This report is not at all unexpected. The word of mouth of a Batman appearance in Suicide Squad will instantly give the movie legitimacy and will boost ticket sales. There won't be classic villains such as the Penguin, Catwoman, and the Riddler, and aside from the Joker, most of the featured characters will be unknown to the mainstream. It makes sense to make the visual connection to Batman for the audience, even if it's in a button scene.

[Suicide Squad](movie:2283363) hits theaters on August 5th, 2016.

News and rumors on the Suicide Squad are flying all over the place and we will be sure to keep you on top of the latest on the upcoming movie. Do you like the idea of a Batman cameo? What would you want to see as the storyline for the next solo Batman movie? Let us know on the comment boards below and give us a follow!

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