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File this under the strange and wonderful things that happen in the world of celebrity thanks to the Internet. Sure, it's a extremely large file, but this is a worthy addition.

A Reddit user—who has since deleted his account—got to the website's prestigious front page by posting a picture of him and John Travolta. Unremarkable, you say? How could a typical, pedestrian fan sighting cause such a stir with the notoriously picky Redditors?

Well, as usual, the caption was key. Apparently, this encounter happened at a Planet Fitness gym at 3 a.m., while the two were alone. In another twist, Travolta was the one who approached the "fan," introducing himself and purportedly asked about his marital status and then started talking about his private jets. They snapped a selfie and went their separate ways, one presumably to his beloved jet and the other to r/pics (the subreddit for pictures).

Oh, and the fact that John Travolta—the man who famously clings to his wigs and hairplugs—is bald in this picture certainly helped with the upvotes.

These are the questions that came to mind when I first read this story:

  • Why is John Travolta going to a PLANET FITNESS and not, I don't know, to a gym in his home? If you can afford a PRIVATE JET, I'm gonna go out on a limb and assume you can afford a Bowflex.
  • Why is John Travolta approaching random men at the gym?
  • Is there no such thing as gym etiquette anymore? If you see me at the gym, please be polite and fully ignore me and my panting.
  • Lastly, why would Travolta allow himself to be photographed without a hair piece and then show up at a red carpet the following week with a full head of hair?

At said red carpet, Travolta was actually questioned about the late night gym chat (but not about the wig), and he responded that he was there to stay in shape in order to keep up with his kids. While he handled it gracefully, the reporter was clearly looking for a better soundbite, one that addressed the circling gay rumors that have followed this story. Watch the interview and decide for yourself here (I would have embedded, but I wanted to save you all from the dreaded autoplay), and here's what John looked like at the event.

So, what say you? Was Travolta looking for some late night gym action, or is this just another example of the media blowing a celeb fan encounter out of proportion?


Do you think that Travolta should ditch his hair pieces?


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