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So us Resident Evil fans have been waiting quite a while for this sixth and FINAL installment of the Resident Evil franchise. Now I can't tell you how much I love these movies, and how I think they should make five more movies, but that's not gonna happen. So since this is the last one, im going to tell my top 10 things that have to happen in this final installment! Also I apologize for some of my bad grammar in this list.

NOTE: These are not in order. They are all equally wanted. But just know their all wanted a lot! Also im making these criticisms not to hate on the films, but to help the next one because I love them so much. Trust me if I could make it myself I would!

10) Bring back the original biting Zombies

As cool as the Las plagas Zombies look, I miss the anticipation of someone turning into a Zombie from the first tree movies when someone would get bitten and threw out the movie you were anticipating for when the character was going to turn. It made the situation more intense and scary. In the fourth movie when the Zombies would bite people, they would literally eat them! It felt it was to quick and you lost all emotion in the scene. In the third film when Carlos was bitten, you got a proper and slow good bye to the character (this goes for L.J. too because we as the audience were waiting for him to turn throughout the movie) and you felt something when he died, because his death didn't come from a quick jump scare like the Las plagas have become known for in Afterlife and especially in Retribution with that Zombie hiding in the closet. Really? I had the dumbest look on my face when that happened in the theater.

9) Bring back Kmart!

What the hell happened to Kmart?! Just like many other great supporting characters that have come and gone in these movies, she just disappeared. Not even a small conversation of what happened to her, or even Claire, and Chris, and trust me I will get to them at some point in this list. I just want her in the movie or even an explanation of what happened to her and many other randomly missing characters.

8) A goal to achieve by the end

Sorry, this is the last movie, so they can't be lazy with the plot/story in this movie. The need to achieve something in this movie. For example, something that happens before the end of the movie has to be achieved. Weather it be that they destroyed the Umbrella Corporation, or they lost and everyone dies. They need to be fighting for something besides the final pull back shot at the end of the movie in this one. They just can't do that! I mean it's called "The Final Chapter"!

7) We need that gritty look back!

Every Resident Evil movie has a certain look or style to it and in my opinion, the third movie was a beautiful looking movie and it was great. But the last couple of movies have looked nice and clean, and while it looks good, well god dammit! The world is over! Its supposed to look dirty and run down. And while I think Afterlife is Paul's best looking movie, I still think Extinction is better in a way.

6) No more clones. Please.

Im just going to jump into this. The clones were cool in RE: Extinction and at the beginning of RE: Afterlife. But enough is enough. These clones have ruined a possible death scene with the Alice character if it happens in this last installment! Their would be no emotion in the death scene because the audience knows that all the people in the movie have to do is clone her and she's back. The clones in RE: Retribution have stolen that emotional connection from the audience. Sure, I loved seeing my favorite characters back from the dead, until I realized what it meant, and what it means is that in the RE universe no one really dies.

5) Bring Charlie Clouser back for the score!

I loved the score for Resident Evil Afterlife, but Tomandandy did a, sorry, shitty score for Resident Evil Retribution. It was in all honesty boring. Now I may have used one of his songs from the OST in one of my videos, but that's because that song was great. No other song was a good as that one. Tomandandy's score for RE: Retribution sounded like a cheap video game score. Okay, let me move on and get to Charlie Clouser. It's simple, Charlie did an amazing job with the score on the third film, and Paul even said on the commentary that he was going to bring him back for the fourth. So, what happened? His score sounded like real music not digitally altered music.

4) Stop trying to be more like the games

I personally do not play the games, but I still do think it is cool that they do keep their loyalty to the game, but to a certain extent. For the fans of the fifth game I can imagine their excitement when the fight scene at the end of Afterlife was exactly the same as the fight scene in the fifth game. But if the fight scene in the game wasn't that good in the first place, why try to replicate it? The only good thing about it was Jill Valentine, but she wasn't even in that movie. I think it was better when certain visuals were taken from the game, like the helmet reflection in the second film. That for me was enough satisfaction, and hearing from the fans of the games on youtube, they also said that it was just enough to. Paul, I am one of your only fans, so please listen when I say, make a movie not a video game. And most of the fans of the games are rood and don't even appreciate those nods to the games.

3) Bring back the cure

This is something that hasn't been mentioned since the third movie and im just wondering. Did the idea of Alice's blood being a cure just vanish? If so, can we unvanish it because the anti virus/Alice's blood gave the characters in the movie some kind of hope. And theirs no excuse of why the idea of that couldn't come back because Alice has the t-virus in her blood again.

2) Only have slow motion when its needed

One problem iv had with the last two movies is the over use of slow motion. Which I will say Paul is getting better with (Pompeii). RE: Afterlife is partly excused from this because there are so many great shots that I couldn't see without slow motion because they were so good looking, but that doesn't excuse the other many shots that didn't need it. If there are scenes that do NOT need slow motion in them it is fight scenes! I really mean this! It is a big problem that I had with the editing in RE: Retribution. When someone gets hit, pushed, or anything of that nature it looks like their hitting them softly. The fight between alice and Wesker in Afterlife is how fight scenes should be, nice and clean with no fast cuts and good music.



I cannot stress enough at how annoying it was to go from Apocalypse to Extinction then Afterlife to Retribution and have these missing characters. I have heard a rumor that in Retribution their was supposed to be a flash back scene to explain what happened to Angela and to explain Jill's situation. But a rumor still doesn't change how the movie ended up. I know Sony is always fucking with peoples movies but come on! We needed that flash back! I heard that in the flash back Jill kills Angela! I'll put the deleted scene below! But in order to complete the story and the movie universe of Resident Evil, we need everything with every character and story line to be concluded. BTW if Paul or Milla is reading... You need to put me in this movie! My audition tapes below! ;) NOT KIDDING!

Anyways this is the rumor I'm talking about which by the way is a great scene!....

The flashback about Angela Ashford’s death and Jill Valentine’s kidnapping. Before the final fight commences, Jill Valentine says something along the lines to Alice: ‘one little girl’s life for another’.

The flashback is then shown to reveal what happened to both Angela Ashford and Jill Valentine after the Raccoon City incident. Jill Valentine is held captive by two Umbrella soldiers and they are outside of a building (unknown if they are on Umbrella’s premise) and it starts to rain.

A grown-up Angela Ashford is held hostage by another Umbrella soldier and Dr. Sam Isaacs is standing in front of both Jill Valentine and Angela Ashford with some Umbrella soldiers lining up behind him.

Moments later, Alice is seen jumping off the rooftop of a small building and she
walks towards to them with the Umbrella logos in her eyes, implying that she is being controlled. Jill screams as she realises that Alice is in a trance-like state and Dr. Sam Isaacs receives a phone call from Albert Wesker. Albert Wesker tells Dr. Sam Isaacs that they no longer need Angela Ashford and Albert Wesker declares that Alice is of a higher priority.

Dr. Sam Isaacs instructs Alice to kill Angela Ashford and Alice shoots Angela Ashford in the head. Jill Valentine gives out a deafening scream and cries. Jill Valentine becomes so enraged that she manages to break free and punches Alice in the face. The punch results in Alice regaining consciousness and
she realises of the act she just committed.

The Umbrella soldiers recapture Jill and they escape in a helicopter with Dr. Sam Isaacs, leaving Alice having to deal with the Umbrella soldiers. A fight breaks out and when Alice gets overwhelmed with the Umbrella soldiers, Carlos Oliveira
makes a sudden appearance by crashing into the premise in a truck and he shoots some of the soldiers.

Carlos Oliveira then rescues Alice and they escape together.

What do you guys think should be in [Resident Evil 6](movie:671270) or what would you like to see? Comment below! I'd like to know!

This is my Resident Evil: Retribution Trailer aka my audition tape!...

Yeah, Paul im available anytime of the year just in case you want me in RE 6 or even the undeveloped sequel to Pompeii called Pompeii 2: Revenge of Mount Vesuvius! My email is [email protected] ;)

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