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The Flash started off the new year with a bang! The Scarlet Speedster brawled it out with Captain Cold and Heatwave, revealing to the world that The Flash exists. Viewers can expect ripples to go out through the current world because of The Flash's confirmed existence, but what else can viewers expect in the latter half of the season?

The Prodigal Son Returns

Andy Mientus as Hartley Rathaway
Andy Mientus as Hartley Rathaway

Andy Mientus will make his first appearance in the following episode, The Sound and the Fury, playing Hartley Rathaway. Rathaway was an old mentee of Harrison Wells, who lost his hearing because of the particle accelerator explosion. Since then, Rathaway has begun developing sonic wave weaponry, which he uses to target the recently confirmed Flash.

This isn't the first time viewers have heard the name Rathaway. The wealthy Rathaway's were briefly seen during Revenge of the Rougues, with Mr. Rathaway saying they, "do not have a son anymore." This may suggest that the Rathaway's disowned their son for being gay. According to Variety, The Pied Piper will also, "be the first gay supervillain ever to be featured on the small or big screen."

On playing The Pied Piper, Mientus says, "With the gay thing, I feel like I’m representing a whole community. People are excited to see this character, so it is a lot of pressure. But I’m glad they are introducing the character to the show. It’s a huge step forward, and I’m thrilled to help make that happen. It’s awesome."

Harrison Wells shows off his Speed

Barry running away from falling glass.
Barry running away from falling glass.

During the end of midseason finale, Wells was shown with The Reverse-Flash suit, and the tachyon prototype. But in case there were still any doubts in viewers minds, Tom Cavanagh himself confirmed that he is The Man in the Yellow Suit. But in case viewers want confirmation through the show, they should tune in to next week's episode.

During a preview for, The Sound and the Fury, viewers were shown a shot of Barry running away from falling glass. Though, upon further inspection, it is not Barry who is running away from falling glass. It's Wells, who uses his speed to escape, leaving a trail of his signature red lighting.

Harrison Wells about to run away from falling glass
Harrison Wells about to run away from falling glass

The Atom comes to Central City

Arrow producers Andrew Kreisberg, and Marc Guggenheim spoke to Variety and revealed that Ray Palmer would be coming to Central City.

Ray Palmer and The ATOM suit.
Ray Palmer and The ATOM suit.

Episode 18 of [The Flash](series:1068303), titled, All-Star Team-Up, will see Felicity, and Ray coming to S.T.A.R. Labs, to aid Barry with a problem.

Executive producer Andrew Kreisberg says, "Ray Palmer is all about technology and STAR Labs is all about technology. We get to see Ray so happy to be in STAR Labs… With Cisco and Ray, they’re new best friends. The STAR Labs team is going to help Ray further his ATOM project.”

Based on this new information, it is safe to assume that Palmer will not be suiting up anytime soon. If Cisco and Caitlin aid Palmer in tuning up his suit, we can expect him to shrink on The Flash.


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