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You'd think with the old Batman films, Superman films, Dark Knight Trilogy, and [Man of Steel](movie:15593), that DC should be winning on the movie side of comics. But guess again. Anybody who's an anybody knows that Marvel is king of the hill right now when it comes to superhero movies...and, quite frankly, the summer box office.

Do I really need to write an article on this anyways? Marvel wins from the very start when their movies begin with this display of magic:

I'm already excited at this point.
I'm already excited at this point.

Seriously though, why is it that no matter what DC does with their movies, with their beginning cinematic universe, that Marvel always stays one step ahead of them? Well, here's my insight on the matter. Here are the reasons DC will never be able to rival Marvel's Cinematic Universe.

Note: These ideas are not wholly mine. I've taken them from sites like whatculture and comicbookmovie.

Marvel's Already Two Laps Ahead

I like DC. Let's get that out of the way. I do like DC. I will never like them as much as Marvel, but it's superheroes. Who can't like them at least a little bit?

But let's face it. Marvel's already almost done with Phase 2 and will be starting into Phase 3 by early next year. DC? Well they had Man of Steel, but it didn't do so great. And we don't even get Batman v. Superman until 2016.

Say we call Man of Steel the Iron Man for the DCCU (DC Cinematic Universe). That would mean it was the start of their Phase 1. Marvel's nearly on their third phase, which means they're two laps ahead already. And for anyone who's run a race (I have) you'll know it's very hard to catch up when you're that far behind.

It's All Connected vs. The Multiverse

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. began a little rocky for me. It didn't quite deliver. Now? It's on fire. I can't stop watching it. Agent Carter was a must for me. I've watched all the newest episodes and I love it.

On the DC side of things, I love [The Flash](series:1068303). I think it has really great characters, story, and action. I'm not a huge fan of Arrow but I only just started watching it at the beginning of Season 3. And as for Gotham? Well let's just say it's entertaining.

I love that when I watch a Marvel TV show I can say, "Oh wow, that guy might appear in Avengers!" or "Hey, that could be the tipping point for [Captain America: The Winter Soldier](movie:254973)" It's all Connected. I understand the characters and the story because they all are weaved into one big tapestry with an underlying story. right?

But DC? Well Flash and Arrow are pretty cool, but once we get the DCCU going there'll be a new Ezra Miller Flash and maybe a new Green Arrow. The TV shows won't be connected, and the story lines will be different. I promise you, give it a few years and we'll have so many different TV shows and movies that everyone will be confused as heck. Plus, who wants a Flash TV show and a different Flash movie? Seriously, DC?

The Power of Disney

Warner Bros. may be a strong company, but it can't live up to the power of Disney. Ever since Marvel associated itself with Disney, magical things have been happening. For example, the smashing box office record of Avengers or Iron Man 3. Obviously, Disney can't take most of the honor for that movie, but what it can do is make money off merchandise about that movie. And it can stick it's name on the movie, and thus when people think [Iron Man 3](movie:24391), not only do they think Marvel but also Disney.

Walk into any Disney store, any toy store, Walmart, Target, etc. and you'll find aisles upon aisles of Marvel superhero action figures, Legos, remote control vehicles, posters, books, coloring books. You name it, they've got it. Maybe you'll see a Batman figure here or there, or maybe a superman action figure. But think back to when Man of Steel came out. Do you ever remember there being any toys from that movie in the stores? I don't.

Basically, Disney is the King of Advertising, King of the Brand Land. Marvel hopped on the right train, and pretty soon they're going to leave that small Warner Bros. company in the dust.

Just A Kid From Brooklyn

One of the most amazing things about Marvel is that they aren't afraid to take risks. You could say most Marvel characters were pretty much nobody's until the Marvel train started thundering away around the time the MCU got started. A lot of people had never heard of Iron Man. A lot of people had never heard of Captain America. But that didn't stop them. They dove right in, got their hands messy, and came out with some big time wins. What's so special about them? Nothing. Cap's just a kid from Brooklyn.

Let's look at the DC side of things. They've had Batman ever since the grand old days of 1943. Those were the awesome days of tights and capes. Honestly, I love the old superhero movies like the Batman movies. And who can be better than Christopher Reeves' Superman?

But let's take a step back and see what's missing? Don't know? I'll tell you. It's Batman and Superman, Superman and Batman, and's another Batman reboot! Two years later or so...hey cool, did you know they're making a Superman reboot?

Get my drift? Where's all the lesser known superheroes? Whatever happened to DC besides Batman and Superman? Did those characters just fall off the side of the planet? Why aren't there any movies of them? DC has chosen to stick to Batman and Superman throughout the years and maybe it's worked or maybe it hasn't. And we're getting yet another Superman and Batman reboot in 2016.

Oh by the way, I'll tell you what happened to those other characters. Remember the Green Lantern movie that came out shortly after Iron Man? It was DC's attempt at getting a universe started, but nope I guess they had to stick with Batman and Superman because that movie flopped. That's why DC won't even come close to rivaling Marvel. They can't. They just can't pull it off. Never have and never will.

The Funny, the Dark, and the Magical

Guys? Can we all agree we laughed hysterically at this point in the Avengers movie? It was pretty darn hilarious. I love Marvel movies, how they mix the hilarious with the grim, the sad with the happy. They're overall very light and funny, while disguised as a brutal superhero movie.

Take [Guardians of the Galaxy](movie:424073). I don't know what I was expecting, but I walked out of that theater a changed man. I couldn't stop laughing, quoting Peter Quill, or singing the awesome mix-tape. And yet, it was dark in a lot of parts, full of action and peril, and made a very well-thought-out superhero movie.

DC on the other hand cannot tolerate any laughter. No laughter what so ever. Chris Nolan made some pretty darn good Batman films, but for some they were extremely dark and brooding. The Joker was mentally insane, so disturbing some couldn't even watch. [Man of Steel](movie:15593) followed suit. It wasn't the bright, cheesy happy-galore Superman that people loved, but instead a dark tale of brutal violence where Superman (Spoiler) snaps Zod's neck. We're left with shock and dismay. Did Superman just kill someone? And wasn't he killing hundreds upon hundreds as buildings collapsed and the very fabric of the world was being torn to shreds by an alien ship? It's a hard movie to shake.

So there you are. DC unfortunately won't be able to rival Marvel for these reasons and many more. However, if they're smart DC won't have to. If they pull a Marvel stunt, maybe they can create something new and unexpected. Fans are always dying for something new and spectacular. We're dying for something new, we just don't know what it is yet and that's DC's job: to figure it out and create their own billion dollar future.

Don't agree with me? Let me know what you think about Marvel and DC's different universes.

As always, forever grateful to all my amazing followers! Make sure to go check out this link: Is Marvel setting up a Young Avengers movie? from the amazing Jim Galizia.


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