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I was inspired by my fellow MP creator, Rob Harris, to create a live-action cast for a Incredibles movie. You can check out his cast here.

However, my cast is little different than his.

Mr. Incredible

Eric Allan Kramer

You may know him as Bob Duncan from the Disney TV series Good Luck Charlie or as Thor in the 1980's TV movie, The Incredible Hulk Returns. I think he would be a great Mr. Incredible. Just look at that face! They're practically twins. Not only does he have the stocky build of Mr. Incredible, but he has some comedic skills as well. It also doesn't hurt that he has superhero backgrounds.


Sandra Bullock

I actually really liked this cast choice because, like Rob Harris said, she can be both tough and deadly and humble and funny. (see Speed and Miss Congeniality)


Aubrey Plaza

I may just be saying this because I have a HUGE crush on Aubrey Plaza (see Parks and Recreation) but I think she fits the role very well. She is heavily known for her deadpan style and portraying characters that are funny, cute, shy, and awkward. I just can't help myself. I love her, lol!


Chandler Riggs

You probably know him from the AMC hit TV show The Walking Dead, but I think by giving him some blonde hair and a "super-suit" he can easily make his transition into Dash!


I actually have two actors for this role.

and then

Jonah Hill and Neil Patrick Harris. Both are very funny and can pull off a sinister villain. However, I don't know how well NPH would look in crazy red hair.



Of course he is my choice for Frozone!!! He made that character with his voice-work and he might as well come back for a live-action version. He's already kicking ass as Nick Fury in the MCU so he should be able to come here too!


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