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All right! Now, I know that this may seem a little outlandish, and even impossible, but, imagine for a moment that the easter egg we saw in the pilot of the Flash was a hint at something bigger. Some darker, more...I don't know, batty? If you don't remember the hint, here's the newspaper page from the first episode of the Flash:

See that in the left corner?
See that in the left corner?

So, whether this was just a way to mess with fans, or an opportunity to set up another spin-off is for another article. I'm simply here to assume that yes, we are getting a Batman TV show. Now, on to the show! Let's start with the casting, then talk about those unbreakable toys.



Okay, go with me on this. Armitage is no stranger to television, having played the thoroughly evil Guy of Gisbourne of the ill-fated Robin Hood BBC show. Many things may be said about the Hobbit films, but, I think you would be hard-pressed to find someone who did not thing that Armitage's acting performance was phenomenal. Richard would bring a darker, slightly older Bruce to the show, really to counter the youth of both Oliver Queen and Barry Allen.


Yes, another Brit. But, if Arrow can have Barrowman and Kingston, then I think that it would work here as well. Sir John Hurt would be able to have both the soft, father-like characteristics, as well as the rough, militaristic background that Alfred has. And again, he is not so big an actor as to break the bank, so to speak.


And done. We can all go home now. Nathan Fillion is one of the coolest, sharpest bosses on the planet. And this role would be like Mal Reynolds meets Castle. A snarky, intelligent Gordon may very well be what Gotham deserves and needs. He also would have good acting chemistry with my next casting decision.


Well, what a surprise! It's Nathan Fillion's screen daughter from Castle. Now, where have we heard that name on our list? Oh, right...James Gordon. That combo right there would be just about perfect. Now, Quinn looks the part, and though I haven't seen her in anything, she seems to have that girlish, fun persona that Barbara has to have.

Now, why am I having her instead of Nightwing, or Robin? Well, with the impending "Supergirl" show, I figured that it would be appropriate for the two to be in the same universe. It would also be interesting to see the relationship between Batman and Batgirl, that was very much missed in her only two appearances on screen.


"Who's this guy?" Yeah, I hear all of you video game newbies out there. This, ladies and gents, is the voice of the Joker from Arkham Origins. Now, I know that some are not a fan of the game (personally, I like it, but I understand those who don't.), but, Troy Baker's voice is just impressive. Now, I don't know how much acting he does for screen, but he has the look, and most certainly the voice. He also knows the character already, which is helpful when dealing with a role as complex as the Joker. He would be a much darker Joker than Smith, and perhaps something between Nicholson and Ledger.

And here is why this man should play the Joker.


Brilliant actor, intellegent look, yada yada yada. But, Tennant has been a fan favorite for the role, and would bring that geeky aspect to both the show and the character. Not much more to say, honestly. Yes, another Brit (well, Scottish), but, they do say that the best actors come from the Old Country.

TOYS: Who doesn't like all those wonderful toys that the Bat plays with? You in the back, third row, with your hand up...get out. Now, here are a couple thoughts for the cave, the suit, and the Batmobile.

The Cave: Now, we have seen a few impressive Batcaves in times past, however, I think that something less tech-filled, and more primeval would be appropriate. Again, a contrast to a science lab and a high-tech Arrow-cave seems fitting.

Yes, this is from Arkham Origins. Now, I'm not suggesting that that the vehicles seen here be used, or even the same design. However, I like the cave-esque appearance of the built pieces. It all melds with the natural cave very well, and has a more natural feel to it. However, I did run across some concept art for the Dark Knight, that would give the cave a similar design to the manor.

Again, if something simple can be effected, then, very good. This really melds more with the house than the cave, which in its own way is very nice. Now, on to what we all really want: the suit.

Suits: Batman has had more suit changes than Iron Man, and each one is unique, and quite interesting in its own way. But, one that has stuck with me is the one featured in the stand-alone novel Noel. This retelling of A Christmas Carol is amazing, and the suit is just as cool.

Combo of armor, leather, with a classic feel to it. I also think that the Origins and New 52 suits are very impressive, but they don't seem to fit like the Noel suit does. Now, I'm not saying that the suit should be an exact copy, but this suit should be the basis for the show's.

The Batmobile: There are two vehicles that stand out to me, however, they would be very expensive to have in real life. But, since this is just a dream, I'll add them anyway. I do have a third that would be more reasonable for a TV budget. First up, the Lamborghini Ankonian!

This vehicle, in modified form, was the vehicle of choice in Noel, so obviously, I have a soft spot for the car. But, look at this! It would need almost no modification in order to fit the specs for a batmobile. Now, I've got another Lambo on the docket, but, this is what I think of (besides Keaton's slick beast) when I think "batmobile".

This car is built like a jet fighter. All I wonder about this is if it comes in black. Sadly, this is a one-of-a-kind, so, very unlikely that it would be used in film. Now, both of these would be lovely designs, but, something more practical, and financially easier is this:

The Corvette Stingray Z06. Batman has been known to use a 'Vette in times past, and this muscle car would fit right in the realistic world of the CW. (well, real is so relative these days.)

I hope that you've enjoyed this little diversion into the possible. I'll leave the plot of the first season up to the imagination of the readers. If you have any comments, or thoughts on casting and tech, please, I would love to discuss with you! Thank you for bearing with me in my first article. Who knows? Maybe we'll get a Batman show yet.


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