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Every week, fellow MP writer Maria Garcia and I talk about (what else?) movies on the Now Conspiring podcast. On the latest episode, we did something a little special...we talked about ourselves.

Obviously, a risky move, but one thing Maria and I have come across in our movie-related travels is that newcomers ask the same questions about breaking ground on the web as writers.

So if you're a new creator for Moviepilot, or if you're trying to build a personal brand on your own site, we've got some words of wisdom for you!

Below is a summary of what we talked about, but if you want the full experience, check out the podcast episode and listen to our discussion.

#1 Set yourself apart.

Be together. Not the same. - Android
Be together. Not the same. - Android

Pretty straightforward, right? If you do the same thing as everyone else, or talk about the same things the same way as everyone else, no one will pay much attention to you.

Produce and create interesting, epic content on a consistent basis. This sounds difficult because it is difficult.

So how do you do it?

#2 Study.

You'll become—hehe—limitless.
You'll become—hehe—limitless.

Read as much as you can. No, read everything you can about what you want to write.

For the same reason you should dress for the job you want, not the one you have, you should write what you would want to see on the front page of the Internet (no, not Reddit).

To do this, you have to train yourself. You have to absorb great articles and learn the technique behind what already works (so you can make something even better later on).

#3 Get bored.

Everyone during Book 2 of this show.
Everyone during Book 2 of this show.

If you've studied enough, then you're going to get bored with what you read on the regular. This is a good thing. This means you can separate the great from the clickbait.

Look, once you figure out which articles are better than others (because you've read all the crap), then you're in a place where you can judge your own work.

This takes time, and it's definitely ongoing. You should never be satisfied with where you're at if you plan to evolve your craft.

#4 Up your standard.

Clickbait=velcro wallets.
Clickbait=velcro wallets.

The dark side of the Internet is that a lot of it is awful. But you should be reading a lot of work that is held to an incredible standard.

Do this, and you'll be influenced by good grammar, interesting content, and professional work.

So, how do you find these magical articles?

#5 Read magazines.

This is the easy and tangible thing you can do right now. Magazines are special in that they're highly scrutinized and edited. Which means most of what you read is well-written and the cream of the crop.

After exposing yourself to high-quality work wherever you may find it, you'll find yourself in an awesome position to start creating your personal brand as the next epic movie writer.

For a full look at what we talked about, including more examples and ideas like the ones above, check out the full episode of this on our podcast.

Now start writing!


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