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Shannon Draheim

As soon as this book series was released I was so keen to get to read it. As soon as I started reading it I ranted about every chapter and kept on reading. It just gets me glued into every single action that occurs. Thomas seems to have a whole lot ahead of him in this world of books. He's on a never ending journey and that's what it feels like when I read this book.


Do movies turned into books like this satisfy you?

I've never found a book series to be as addictive as this one. Well sure there's the hunger games series and Twilight but this just seems to capture more action in every chapter. There's always someone going off at someone or Thomas is always running for his life in a maze. It just makes you feel like you belong inside the book. The tension you build up when something bad happens too is also a fantastic way to enjoy this series. It just keeps you wanting more.

All readers who love action books I highly recommend this series because it feels like your journey will never end. It just ceases to amaze you at all standards.

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